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Typing practice

Typing practice can bring effective results in your education and career. If you practice typing every day for about 15-20 minutes without looking at the keyboard you might see a positive change in your life. You will type fast and can think fast while you are working on the computer. On TypingMentor you can practice and track your progression. To check the progress you need to use stats page.

Typing practice

8 facts about typing practice

1. Online typing practice

Online typing practice has been around for ages and people who practiced online regularly have become successful in their careers in most cases. You may prefer to practice offline in ms-word or on any other text editor, but that has some clear disadvantages. You will not have accurate data about your progression and you will not know about your problem areas. You will have to collect a copy of the text every time you practice. Considering a matter of fact TypingMentor has been organized with all the amazing features and functionalities to help you achieve a good typing speed in a short time. All you need to do is practice regularly.

2. Typing practice paragraphs

If you visit the above link, you will be able to type paragraphs one after one. Paragraph typing practice is a popular choice because here you don't have to type a series of characters that don't make sense to you. Here you will be able to type sentences that we use in our daily lives. This is good because your daily life works that are related to typing will take lesser time now. You will write emails faster and create reports and assignments quicker.

Everyone has a different way of learning. And if you feel offline practice would be better for you, here on this page, you can download different types of typing practice paragraphs. You can download them, print them, and then start practicing.

3. Right hand typing practice

If you start typing practice without looking at the keyboard, soon you will notice that most of the characters or keys are under your right hand fingers.

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4. Left hand typing practice

Left hand fingers cover fewer characters if we compare it with the coverage of the right hand fingers, therefore left hand fingers perform worse for some learners since left hand fingers get less variation in the practice sessions. You should regularly notice how speedy are your left hand fingers to make sure that your overall typing speed doesn't get stuck because of the performance of your left hand fingers.

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5. Number typing practice

Typing numbers without looking at the keyboard is important in case you need to type numbers in your day-to-day life. Commonly, typists face difficulty and have lower typing speed when they type numeric characters.

How important is it to be good at typing numbers depends on how frequently you need to type them. If your work or typing activities require you to type the numbers frequently you must practice it and track your performance. On the lessons page you would find options to practice number typing that card would generate lessons that would let you do the number typing practice.

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6. Typing practice quotes

This is another way of making typing practice fun. Typing practice quotes can motivate and inspire you. It has a positive impact on your mood and your state of mind starts to improve. It can awaken happiness and often the thoughts remain with you for a long time after you type them multiple times.

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7. Typing practice for kids works best

Kids can achieve the skill of typing without looking at the keyboard quicker compared to adults. The earlier at your age you start learning this, the faster you learn it in a short time. Kids can start typing as soon as their hands are big enough to fit onto the keyboard. It is worth spending time learning touch typing for kids since they will use this skill throughout their educational and professional lives. It gives them an advantage over their peers. Once they become good at typing, their thoughts start to expand because they can write and think at the same time. Typing practice for kids is one the most valuable habit because of the benefits they gain from it.

8. Typing practice for adults

Previously most schools didn't have touch typing in their curriculum. Therefore it is expected that a big portion of the adult population who need to perform typing-related tasks doesn't have the skill of typing without looking at the keyboard. Maybe they are not much interested to acquire that skill, but you should give it a second thought. Because this skill won't take much time for your to acquire and once you acquire it, you will enjoy the benefit for the rest of your life. Therefore typing practice for adults is recommended.


Practice a lot, if possible every day for 15-20 minutes. Track your performance on the dashboard page. While practicing you should take typing tests regularly. And if you are interested to know more about the benefits of taking typing tests, visit typing test page. Also, you can read our articles and subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and updates directly in your inbox.

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