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Right hand typing practice

On the TypingMentor dashboard, you will be able to know how your right hand is performing and prepare yourself more right hand typing practice lessons as shown in the picture below.

Right hand typing practice
Tip: If you move your mouse cursor over the cards after visiting the dashboard, it let you generate right hand typing practice lessons.

Training each off your hands separately is a great technique that works for many touch typing learners. If you notice the image below you would see the right hand is involved with more keys than the left hand.

Finger positions and usage

If you are a programmer or you need to type the punctuations or symbols a lot, you should take more right hand typing practice lessons than your left hand fingers. At TypingMentor, you can generate as many right hand typing practice lessons as you want for free.

But if you type day-to-day English you don't need to practice with your right hand more. I believe you already guessed the reason. Yes, because normally you don't type a lot of symbols in day-to-day English, so your both hands are used almost in a 50/50 ratio. For example, take a look at the following text, these are the 100 most common words in English.

the be and of a in to have it I that for you he with on do say this they at but we his from not n't by she or as what go their can who get if would her all my make about know will up one time there year so think when which them some me people take out into just see him your come could now than like other how then its our two more these want way look first also new because day use no man find here thing give many well only those tell very

If we count right hand characters and left hand characters in the above text, there are 175 left hand characters and 167 right hand characters. That tells us although the keyboard has more characters that are typed by our right hand, we type almost equally with both hands as long as we are typing day-to-day English.

Longest word you can type with your right hand

According to Wikipedia, the longest word you can type with your right hand are,

  • johnny-jump-up
  • johnnyjumpup
  • monimolimnion
  • phyllophyllin

Right hand typing exercises

Typing practice hand position

While you do your typing practice hand position is important. You should place your hands and fingers correctly to reach higher speed quickly and avoid wrist pain. Take a look at the picture below:

Typing practice hand position
Tip: Green dots are showing the correct gesture

Read more about ergonomic typing

If you want to improve faster you should practice typing a lot. You should generate a lot of right hand typing practice lessons for yourself from these lessons here. The good thing about these lessons is that it doesn't just throw some nonsense characters for you to type, rather it gives you the meaningful words, the most used words, and some of your problem words to type.

Do not forget to take regular that build up your typing performance history on the dashboard where you can analyze each of your hands and fingers and can take extra lessons on them.


Interested in practicing the left-hand fingers? visit here

Happy typing, cheers ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿคž๐Ÿป!