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Number typing practice

Number typing practice

Number typing practice helps you boost your typing speed. Typing practice all keys, in general, is recommended by TypingMentor if you don't have any specific use case for typing the number pad, e.g. for your educational or professional purposes. But if you do have that requirement continue to read the following.

Typing numbers practice

For typing numbers practice visit here.

One of the most basic things you can do to improve your typing speed is to practice typing numbers. Typing numbers may seem like a boring and tedious exercise, but it can make a big difference in your overall typing speed and accuracy. So without further hemming and hawing, practice number typing on a regular basis.

Number pad typing practice

Number typing practice

You need to take number pad typing practice more seriously apart from your normal typing practice since you need to do it for your educational or professional purposes. You need to spend most of your practice time on the numeric pad. On TypingMentor you have a tremendous amount of resources, guidelines, and performance statistics available which will help you become a fast number pad typing in a short amount of time.

Below you will find effective guidelines on how you can improve and track your performance on the number keys.

You can type numbers on the keyboard in two ways. One: By using the top second row of your keyboard where you will find the numeric keys in a horizontal layout. There you will be able to use all eight fingers to type the numbers except your thumbs. Two: By using the number pad of your keyboard where you will use the 5 fingers of your right hand.

Free number typing practice

Start practicing number typing using your eight fingers except the thumbs using the top row of your keyboard. Try to type regularly so that your muscle memory is built fast and consistently. The more you will type the numbers the better your brain will memorize them and you will not have a hard time typing the numbers anymore. However, it is important to note that accuracy is more important than speed. Once you have developed muscle memory, speed will come automatically.

Free Touch type number pad practice

If you are primarily using numbers while typing on the keyboard, e.g. as a data entry operator, you better start practicing touch typing using the number pad where you will have all the keys packed in multiple rows and you will be able to type them using only your right hand including the thumb, meaning you can use your all five fingers of your right hand.

Which one is best?

Which one to choose from the two options? It varies from person to person. You need to carefully observe your performance and choose whether you should be using the number row of your keyboard or the number pad of your keyboard.

Typing test with numbers

Consider taking a typing test with numbers. because the number typing test will help you track your improvement from time to time. Just log in to your typing mentor account and your performances will be shown on the stats page.


Although you decided to practice the numbers and take typing test with numbers because of your educational or professional requirement, you should also continue to take general typing tests regularly at least once because that will build your stats which you can use to your advantage by detecting the weak or problem areas of your typing performance and be a super-fast typist in a short time.

If you are struggling with typing mistakes on the number pad, the following article can help you rectify them.

-> Typing Test With Numbers and Words: Level Up Your Skills

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