Learn how you can set up your TypingMentor account and manage TypingMentor from A to Z.


About TypingMentor

TypingMentor is a web-based application specially designed to provide a flexible and user-friendly practice platform to the users to bring about their highest efficacy in typing.

Why touch typing should be learned

It is our primary goal to help you type faster by providing exclusive features and options. Once you are capable of doing 'touch typing' (type using all one's fingers and without looking at the keys) eventually your other computer skills and productivity will improve significantly.

If you type with two fingers the visual and frontal cortices of the brain are compelled to put their focus on the individual key locations. Regular practice of touch typing will help you to remove such unnecessary multitasking pressure from your brain. That is why touch typing should be learned.

Why should you use TypingMentor?

TypingMentor provides you with the most effective common word typing lessons, most common patterns' lessons (letter n-grams), various fingers, and character drills. This is far more effective practice than the kiddy practice games. Typing Mentor will keep monitoring your typing performance and thereby identify your weak areas to guide you with customized lessons in order to help you overcome your typing weaknesses. Hence, in the quickest possible time, you will get rid of all the weaknesses. That’s how you become a pro in real quick time!

Technical requirements for using TypingMentor

Typing mentor is a completely web-based application that does not require any download or additional plugins. Just use any up-to-date browser, Google Chrome is what TypingMentor recommends.

Tip: For a smooth typing experience, add the URLs below to your firewall whitelist:

Account setup

Get started

If you have not been created an account for you yet, click here on the following link:

Account settings

Personal setting

Changing password

If you registered your account in TypingMentor through Google or Facebook, you don't have the option to change your password.

Update personal information

Visit your account's profile page, there you will find a button as 'Edit Profile'. Upon clicking that button you will be given the option to update your information.

Account setting

Log in / sign up options

You can use your Google account, Facebook account, Twitter account, Or phone number. These options are available on the Sign in page or Sign up page.

Account delete option

At the bottom of the profile page, you will find 2 buttons.

  • Reset statistics: Resetting statistics will erase all your typing related stats but you will still find your account and profile setting in place.
  • Delete account: Deleting your account will remove your account and all your records completely from Typing Mentor.


Learn how to explore and evaluate TypingMentor reports to assess your performance and accelerate your improvements.

Summary report

Summary Report will show you the result of your typing test's performance based on speed, accuracy & duration. Go to the stats page, then in the stats section, you will get to know your recent speed as WPM (Word Per Minute), recent accuracy (as a percentage), and the duration that you spent on typing mentor tests.


Tips: If you have both accuracy and speed improving gradually, you are doing everything right. Speed will make over very soon, you are on the right track. If your accuracy and speed are going down, It's not a good sign. If you have a gradual improvement in speed but not an increase in accuracy that means there is a chance your muscle memory is getting built with the wrong techniques. You should look at the other stats to rectify the areas of mistakes and work on that. Do not panic by the stats of 1 or 2 days.

Test history report

This will exhibit the history of all tests you have taken so far in TypingMentor along with the date, time, duration, accuracy, and speed of each of the tests. This stat is available on the stats page.

Test history report

Tips: You can see on which days and at what time you took how many tests, and what was the result.


Log in & account information

My log in is not working!

It might happen because of wrong typing or mismatch in the email and password details. So, double-check your login credentials, and be sure you did not use a different email or a different password. If still the login problem persists, please write us here.

How do I register an account?

Go to Sign up page and you will be able to register your TypingMentor account by using your Google account, Facebook account, Twitter account, email address, or by using your phone.

How do I change my profile picture?

To avail a profile picture of your own, you need to sign up through your Google, Facebook, or Twitter account, and your picture will be imported automatically from there.

Why can't I log in?

Send us a message here and let us know your email address or Google account's email address or Face book account id, or Twitter account id that you used while registering at TypingMentor. We will get back to you soon after we receive your email.

How can I delete my account?

Go to your profile page and at the bottom, you will find a button for deleting your account.

General inquiry

What combination of wpm & accuracy should be the benchmark?

There is no such benchmark score in typing. TypingMentor recommends you not stop practicing before you reach at least 97% accuracy level. That’s because accuracy is directly related to building up strong muscle memory.

Why is my score not saved (sometimes)?

It might happen if something went wrong with the connectivity of your computer from the database. In such a situation consider reloading the webpage.

How is the accuracy calculated?

Accuracy is calculated by dividing the total correct strokes by the number of total strokes.

Site is under maintenance?

To keep the website fast and smooth, we need to undergo some regular maintenance processes. It usually takes 5 minutes. You should find the website working nicely after the maintenance is completed.

How to share my typing test results?

To share the result of a test immediately after completing a typing test you will find a share option at the bottom of the typing page. There is also another way where you will be able to share your recent average speed and accuracy. You will find that sharing option on your profile page.

What are the system requirements?

Any system that is capable to run an internet browser, preferably Google Chrome is good enough to run TypingMentor.

Do you have an offline version?

Currently, we don’t support the offline version.

Do you have an iPad app?

The iPad app is unavailable at the moment.

Can I use TypingMentor outside the United States?

Yes, of course, you can.

Is TypingMentor available in other languages?

TypingMentor is exclusively available only in the English language.

Is there any site to white list on my firewall?

Yes, you should white list

How is time tracked on TypingMentor?

The time you spend typing in the tests is tracked.


What is a keystroke?

Every character you type is considered to be a keystroke whether it’s an uppercase letter, lowercase letter, numeric character, space, or symbol.

What is WPM?

WPM is the acronym for Word per Minute. This is calculated by dividing the total number of keystrokes by 5 and then dividing that number by the number of minutes spent.

What is Typing Accuracy?

Typing Accuracy is the (percentage) rate of your correctly typed keystrokes. If your Typing accuracy is 80%, it means 80% of your keystrokes were correct.

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