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Online typing practice

Do you want to type like a pro? You need to practice touch typing online for a couple of months and follow a set of guidelines to achieve that. It is preferable to do it online because you will not need to worry about collecting the copy texts, you will not need to write down and track your performance history on yourself, you will not need to store our historical data on yourself so you don't lose it. Typing Mentor web app is going to do these things for you, and all you need to do is just typing.

online typing practice

Free online English typing practice lessons

Our free online typing practice application Typing Mentor currently supports typing in the English language. You will find several different types of lessons from which you can choose the ones that work best for you. Typing Mentor has lessons based on numbers, n-grams, most commonly used English words, keyboard rows, keys, fingers, and so on. You can create any combination of these lessons as well.

Free online English typing practice lessons
You can follow our comprehensive lesson plan called Mentored Lessons, which will constantly watch your typing performances and generate customized lessons only for you targeting your problem areas.

Online typing practice basic for beginners

For the beginners who want to practice online, the Mentored Lessons works best because it watches your performances while you are typing. It generates easier lessons for you in the early stages and tracks the progress you make from time to time on this dashboard. You will be given more challenging lessons as you make progress. Whenever you will face difficulty in certain areas, it will detect that and provide you extra lessons on them so you can overcome it quickly. Eventually, you will become an expert at touch typing.

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Online typing practice finger position

Knowing the correct finger position is a must for touch typing. Touch typing (also called touch type, blind typing, or touch keyboarding) is a style of typing where you type without looking at the keys on the keyboard. The image below demonstrates the initial finger positions.

Touch typing finger position

Also do not forget to follow the correct gesture while you are typing on the computer keyboard.

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Best online typing practice lessons for homeschoolers

Typing Mentor is the right place for homeschoolers who need to practice touch typing online. They will learn touch typing in no time because online typing lessons practice platform "Typing Mentor" provides effective lessons for the students to help them achieve higher typing speed, tracks and shows the history in the dashboard, and suggests customized lessons based on your specific problem areas as shown below.

Practice lessons on your problem areas
Tips: If you find yourself interested in taking some lessons on any of these problem areas you have, you would find the lesson generators here.

Online typing practice for programmers

Are you a programmer or interested in programming? It is important to learn how to type without looking at the keyboard. Because programmers need to think about the program while they are coding. Searching for the keys on the keyboard at the time of coding is disturbing and might be a hindrance to a smooth thinking process. As a programmer, you should do number typing practice and symbol typing practice a lot. And as mentioned earlier that by doing it online you can track your progress automatically.

Online typing practice for kids and adults

Learning to type correctly is important for the kids because it will save their time for the rest of the life. Kids should start with the correct finger placement. Placing the fingers in the correct position on the keyboard and typing without looking at the keyboard is a prerequisite to becoming an expert at touch typing.

Adults who already know some typing but can not do touch typing might experience a sudden drop in their typing speed after they start touch-typing practice regardless of online or offline. But you should not worry about it because your brain is taking time to unlearn the wrong habits first. Immediately after you unlearn the wrong habits, you will exceed your lifetime best typing speed if you continue practicing touch typing regularly. We recommend you to use our comprehensive lesson plan called Mentored Lessons.

Online typing practice for 1 minute or 10 minutes or any duration

Setting the correct duration of your online typing sessions is important. If you decided to keep practicing all day until you become an expert, you are doing it wrong. Or if you decided to learn touch typing but not practicing it regularly is also not right. Ideally, you should be practicing around 30 minutes or so every day if possible. But do not stress about it. You should listen to your body in this process. Stop typing if you are feeling uncomfortable.

App Settings
You will find the settings panel by clicking on the gear โš™๏ธ icon in the top-right corner of the page.

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Touch typing practice online

"Touch typing" is a style of typing where the person doesn't look at the keyboard while typing. This is an essential skill to achieve good typing speed. You can practice touch typing online using our web app Typing Mentor. While practicing on Typing Mentor it will provide you an on-screen helper to know which finger should go for which keys. After some days of practicing, you won't need that helper anymore and can hide it from the screen.

Take Typing Test after some practice

Taking the typing tests online at Typing Mentor regularly lets you track your typing speed. If you visit the dashboard page, you will see a bunch of statistics that will provide you insights on your typing performances, your problem areas, timeline statistics, and so on.

To improve your test results you should take a few lessons online at Typing Mentor and take a test after that. If you follow our comprehensive Mentored Lessons it will automatically execute the aforementioned process where you will be given the lessons that are customized only for you and after completing some lessons automatically you will be given various tests.

Happy typing, cheers ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿคž๐Ÿป!