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Typing Test

Take your typing test now and explore the infographic analysis with effective guidelines.

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Why Typing Mentor is ideal for Typing Test?

Typing Mentor constantly observes your performance as you go through your typing test, tracks your strengths and weakness & offers customized lessons. Typing Mentor treats every user differently as everyone. For that you need to practice typing regularly. Know the 8 facts about typing practice.

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Knowledge for Starters

It is very important for the beginners to know basic typing rules, how to approach, where to put emphasize, how the muscle memory works. All this knowledge helps a beginner to improve typing skills rapidly.

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Unlimited Lessons for typing test improvement

Take the full advantage of numerous customized practice e lessons and typing test including practice lessons on most common words, n-grams, keys based on keyboard rows or based on your specific fingers and many more, find and fix problem areas.

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Typing Tips for better Typing Test Performance

Typing Mentor provides you the best typing tips which will change your type learning complexion totally.

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Typing Mentor Features

Typing Mentor presents exclusive features to users including tailor made mentored lessons for individual users, series of typing test with live indicators boost WPM even during tests, infographic dashboard presentations and many more loverly features!

Analysis picture

Typing Test Report Analysis Guide

Learn how you can measure your typing test results and analyze the findings of the performances of those typing tests from the simple User Guide which will also provide all other necessary guidelines.