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Typing Test - Check Your WPM and KPH in 60 Seconds

We know you are here in quest of a perfect typing test software/website that can fulfill your typing needs. Fortunately, you are in the right place. Welcome to Typing Mentor, the one-stop destination for improving your typing skills. Our innovative, unique, and user-friendly typing test platform is designed to help you gauge your typing strength while offering a seamless and educational experience. The interesting part? Haha, you will get this accurate typing score in only 1 minute (60 Seconds)...

To start, Take your typing test now and explore the infographic analysis on the Dashboard page ⤣ with effective guidelines on the Lessons page ⤣

Why is Typing Mentor Ideal for Typing Tests?

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Typing Mentor constantly observes your performance as you go through your typing test, tracks your strengths and weaknesses & offers customized lessons. Typing Mentor treats every user differently as everyone. For that, you need to practice typing regularly. It's a free online typing test tool that is used worldwide by users of all ages. Most importantly, it will give you the best user experience of touch typing tests. You can get accurate results both in WPM and KPH format. Here, we are also explaining to you the features and effectiveness of typing mentor's special typing test tool so that you can get the best out of it.

Typing Knowledge for Beginners

A little boy and a girl are sharing their typing knowledge

Beginners need to know basic typing rules, how to approach, where to emphasize, and how muscle memory works. All this knowledge helps a beginner to improve their typing skills rapidly.

Read more here if you are a beginner at touch typing.

Why Take Our Free Typing Test?

Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, advanced skilled, or a seasoned typist, our typing test provides a range of benefits to users of all skill levels:

1. Accurate Speed Measurement

Discover how many words per minute (WPM) you can type accurately. Or what KPH (Keystrokes Per Hour) you can perform. Our advanced algorithm ensures precise results, giving you a clear picture of your current typing speed. When you log in, your lifetime analytical dashboard will be open for you.

2. Realistic Practice Environment

Our typing test simulates real-world typing scenarios, offering a practical practice platform. Immerse yourself in a virtual workspace that mirrors actual typing tasks, helping you improve your skills effectively.

3. Comprehensive Analysis

Beyond WPM and KPH, our typing test offers a detailed breakdown of your performance. Gain insights into your accuracy, identify common mistakes, and understand which keys or characters may need extra attention.

4. Progress Tracking

Track your typing improvements over time. Our test allows you to save your results, enabling you to monitor your progress and witness the tangible results of your dedicated practice. Sign up free to use all features that will make you a pro max typist.

5. Time Flexibility

Our typing test adapts to your schedule. Whether you have a few minutes or an hour to spare, our test accommodates your timeframe, making it easy to practice consistently.

6. Educational Experience

Alongside the typing test, we provide tips, techniques, and resources to enhance your typing skills. Learn keyboard shortcuts, finger placement strategies, and typing best practices as you embark on your journey to becoming a typing virtuoso. To get all the tips, tricks, and strategies, read our blog related to touch typing.

7. Free of Charge

At Typing Mentor, we believe in making valuable resources accessible to all. That's why our typing test is absolutely free, allowing you to reap the benefits without any financial commitment.

Unlimited Lessons for Typing Test Improvement

Lady practicing unlimited typing lessons to improve her typing test score

Take full advantage of numerous customized practice lessons and typing tests including most common words, n-grams, keys based on keyboard rows or based on your specific fingers, and many more. Find and fix problem areas.

Explore unlimited lessons here

Typing Tips for Better Typing Test Performance

A group of students sharing typing mentor's typing tips to improve their typing test results.

Typing Mentor provides you with the best typing tips which will change your typing learning complexion totally. Regularly follow our blog to learn various interesting tips on touch typing.

Typing Mentor Features

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Typing Mentor presents exclusive features to users including well-organized mentored lessons for individual users, a series of typing tests with live indicators that boost WPM or KPH even during tests, infographic dashboard presentations, and many more lovely features!

Learn more about the features here.

How to Get Started

Sign Up First:

You need just to log in or sign up to use all the features of Typing Mentor to get the best out of your typing test. It's fully free of cost.

Access the Typing Test

Navigate to our typing test page on Typing Mentor.

Begin Typing

Enter the provided text into the designated typing box and start typing. Focus on accuracy as well as speed.

Live Accurate Result

Once you've completed the test, you'll receive an instant performance analysis, including WPM or KPH, accuracy percentage, and insights into your typing patterns.

Track Your Progress

Save your results and track your progress over time. Use the feedback to identify areas of improvement and set goals for your typing journey.

Pro Tips: To get the best output, practice typing on a regular basis for at least 15/25 minutes a day. Frequently take typing tests to track your skills including accuracy and speed. Set your goal and try to achieve it through practice. Start Your Typing Test Today on Typing Mentor!

Typing Test Report Analysis Guide

A monitor showing analytics of a typing test

Learn how you can measure your typing test results and analyze the findings of the performances of those tests from the simple user guide which will also provide all other necessary guidelines.

Analyze your typing performance here

Key Takeaways

Unlock the power of efficient typing with our cutting-edge online typing test. Whether you're aiming to enhance your professional productivity, and academic success, or simply want to impress your peers, Typing Mentor's typing test is your gateway to mastering the keyboard. Begin your journey now and watch your typing skills flourish.

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