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TypingMentor has been decorated with a bunch of exclusive features that you will not find in other websites.



There are all sorts of typing lessons for the users to be able to learn to type as fast as possible and improve on each and every aspect of typing through numerous lesson types available in TypingMentor.

The types of lessons include the following:

Mentored Lessons

One of the most exclusive features of TypingMentor is it's mentored lessons. These lessons are designed and generated particularly based on the respective user's typing capacities and deficiencies. Typing mentor constantly watches user's typing performances on the site and prepare lessons behind the scene. It considers user's performances on the upper case letters, lower case letters, numerals, short words, long words, common words, bigrams, trigrams, 4-grams, symbols, time of the day, duration of each test, text/copy length, and many other things. After analyzing all these factors TypingMentor decides which set of lessons to deliver to the user and when to deliver and in what frequency these lessons should be typed by the users.

Most common words

There are 1000 most common English words divided into 13 parts from most frequent to least frequent for the users to practice typing.

Most common letter n-grams

There are 3 groups of most common letter n-grams for the users to practice. That include Bigrams, Trigrams, and 4-grams.

Keyboard drills

You can type based on areas of the keyboard which includes the top row, home row, bottom row, top row / numpad.

Character drills

You will be given a virtual keyboard on the screen to select keys and then TypingMentor will generate lessons based on the selected keys.

Finger drills

There are all finger names listed that we use in touch typing. You can choose any finger and start typing the words and characters that heavily involves the use of the selected finger name.

User-defined lessons / customizable lesson creator

  • You can choose, add, and gather your selections from multiple custom options like a specific finger, a specific keyboard's row, upper case letters, lower case letters, punctuations, symbols, numerals and then start typing on those. TypingMentor will pick all the selections and prepare lessons accordingly.
  • Or, you can enter a paragraph of your choice and start typing that.
  • Or, you can enter the list of words you would like to type repeatedly.

Alphanumeric lessons

Here you will find 3 types of lessons that include numerals, symbols, and alphanumerics which is a mixture of letters, numbers, and symbols.

Your problem areas

These are special lessons based on your weakest/problem areas in:

  • Upper case letters
  • Lower case letters
  • Numerals
  • Symbols
  • n-grams
  • Words


There are a lot of useful features available in your typing area during the test and also after completion of the tests. The features are:

During a typing test

  • Live wpm
  • Live accuracy
  • Live indication of which key in the keyboard to press
  • Live indication of which finger to use
  • Live duration indicator progress bar
  • Live word by word performance
  • Automatic detection of inactivity and pause the timer

After completion of a typing test, you’ll get,

  • The speed, accuracy, and the number of characters you typed.
  • A line graph of your performance.
  • Two lists of all the words you typed. List 1 includes your mistyped words, and list 2 includes your correctly typed words with their respective speed.
  • A column chart which exhibits speed and accuracy on some segments of the text as a whole.
  • Replay or fast-forward-replay option.
  • Retake of the same copy/text option.
  • Immediate feedback message of your typing performance.


Summary section

  • Filter by days
  • Filter by no. of test
  • Show/hide the line graph of wpm during the filtered period
  • Show/hide the line graph of accuracy during the filtered period
  • Number of tests taken
  • Number of minutes typed

Based On Letter Types

Individual WPM and Accuracy based on

  • Upper case letters
  • Lower case letters
  • Numerals
  • Symbols
  • Show/hide column chart on each letter types individually

Character's Performance List

  • Top & Bottom
    • 5 fastest characters
    • 5 most accurate characters
    • 5 slowest charactera
    • 5 least accurate characters
  • A two sided bar chart for accuracy and speed of each and every character.

Keyboard Heat Map

The heat map is shown on a virtual keyboard based on your speed, accuracy, and the number of strokes on each of the keys.

Your Fingers

Speed, accuracy, and the number of strokes based on each of the fingers that are used in touch typing.

Calendar-wise Time Spent

You’ll find a calendar heatmap which shows the average typing speed, average typing accuracy, number of minutes you typed, number of tests you took, the highest wpm on that day on each and every specific day in the calendar.

Test History

You can load the history of your typing tests and filter by the last x many numbers of tests/days which shows the date, time, duration, speed, and accuracy of each test you have taken so far in TypingMentor.

App settings options

  • Block the number of allowed continuous mistakes while typing.
  • Increase/decrease text size of the copy.
  • Set preferred duration of a test.
  • Activate/deactivate survival mode as a test duration; type for an endless period of time unless you manually click the end button. Lessons are excluded from survival mode.
  • Set preferred duration of a lesson.
  • Show/hide live keyboard while typing.
  • Mute/unmute typing sound.
  • Show/hide lesson details, which demonstrates coverage of the problem keys, n-grams, or common words in typed text.
  • Show/hide live WPM.
  • Show/hide live Accuracy.
  • Show/hide timer progress bar for time based tests.
  • Show/hide live finger indicator, which exhibits which finger to use for typing each and ever key.
  • Show/hide score widget, which shows stats based on different time periods.
  • Show/hide live word performance, which shows the performance on each word immediately.
  • You can reset all your app setting to default.

Profile settings

You can set your username, first name, last name, email address, mailing address, date of birth, and phone number to decorate your profile page with proper information about yourself.

Feature profile settings


There are multiple sharing options like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. You can share your performance with the world in two ways. One, immediately after you complete a test which mentions your typing speed of the last test, and two, from your profile page which mentions your recent average typing speed and average typing accuracy. You can use this as a certification of your typing speed to your teachers, prospective employers, parents, friends, or to anyone else you would want.

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