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Left Hand Typing Practice

A man practicing typing with left hand

Left hand typing practice is required to improve your overall typing speed. As you keep practicing all keys, soon you might discover that your right hand is typing faster than your left hand. If you analyze the fingers to be used on each character on the keyboard you would find that more keys need to be typed by your right hand. Therefore your right hand will get more variation of movements while practicing and become more efficient than your left hand fingers.

Therefore to keep up your left hand typing speed, you should start left hand typing practice which will help you to increase your left hand typing speed. After you start practicing the keys that use the left hand, soon you will discover which of your left hand fingers is struggling more than the other left hand fingers. In this process, if you take correct and effective exercises at the right time, your touch typing speed will skyrocket shortly.

Editor's Note: [Great news for left-handers!!! Typing Mentor is featuring the new ProtoArc 2.4G Wireless Left-Handed Keyboard which is a perfect suit for left hand typists. As a left hand typist you might be searching for a keyboard that will meet your all requirements. We are happy to feature this for you and we hope this will fulfill all your needs as a lefty typist.] here you go-

ProArc Left Hand Keyboard for touch typing

Good luck with your touch typing journey as a lefty.

Longest word typed with left hand

According to Wikipedia, the longest word typed with left hand includes,

  • tesseradecades
  • aftercataracts
  • sweaterdresses

Left hand typing exercises

Left hand typing exercises

Are you thinking about how much speed is good for the characters typed by your left hand? There is no such standard, all you need to do is to make sure that your both hands keep up with your overall typing speed.

One hand typing practice

Touch typing with one hand is possible and one can achieve good speed if one takes the right lesson plan and practices regularly. Take a test here using one hand. To be able to type faster with one hand, you might think of using a keyboard layout other than QWERTY to get all the keys denser and more closely situated. In this video, you will get some idea about it.
Interested in practicing the right-hand fingers? visit here

Happy typing, cheers 😁🎉🤞🏻 !

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