Terms of Service

Effective Date: 12 June 2023
Company Name: Intellixio (Previously known as NazzTech)
Website: TypingMentor.com

1. This contract is between typingmentor.com & any user of this site

This contract is between Intellixio - the owner of typingmentor.com & the users of this site. TypingMentor will refer to any form of First Person Plural Number - Such as “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Ours” etc, and/or - typingmentor.com, TypingMentor, TM and the users of this site individually or an employee or agent of an entity on whose behalf will refer to any form of Second Person. We consider all of the information received from you as true and correct. This contract covers your usage of the service of TM and inclusive to anything related to services, software, machines, support, content and other media, papers, updates or upgrades. All these aforementioned are referred here as “Service”. This contract limits our liability and your remedies. It is our recommendation for you (all users of typingmentor.com) is to read and understand all the terms of service carefully.

2. Acceptance of Terms

TM thanks you for choosing our site for your learning touch typing. Our service is upon to you as per the following Service Terms (“ST”), which may be updated or modified by us time to time and we shall not require to provide you any prior notice for updating or modifying the service terms. When you create an account with TM and/or use the service from TM Site, both you and TM shall be subject to any posted guidelines or rules applicable. All these rules and guidelines are incorporated by the ST. TM may also offer you other services which are governed by different terms of service separate from the TS.

3. You May be entitled for the service as per the following provisions

3.1 You will be entitled only for personal usage

3.2 You cannot use the service by violating or going against the law.

3.3 You are not authorized for any rent, lease, license or any other right transferring use of the service

3.4 You may not be entitled for providing commercial hosting under this service term.

3.5 You are not authorized to use the service of our site in ways that may have direct or indirect harm to us or any of our stakeholders.

3.6 We may or may not notify you about specific instruction regarding harmful uses in a code of conduct or other forms. Subject to all the above issues, you must have compliance without any objection and will obey any code of conduct or other forms of our notices. You will be able to start using our services legally and rightfully once you finish the signup process which also will mean that you agree with the TS. There is no withdrawal right or “cooling-off” period applicable for taking this service other than if the law requires a “cooling-off” period even your of service get under way.

4. TypingMentor has no liability of Users Service Account and its activities

Users of TypingMentor have the entire responsibility for their respective service account. Users have to keep their confidential information including password of their account. if any unauthorized use of account without consent or knowledge of authentic user occurs, TM will not be liable for any unwanted outcome. The user must inform the support team of TM for any security misconduct or breach and TM will try to resolve the issue if possible with the immediate action.

5. Typing mentor may or may not apply charge for using service

TM is not committed to remain free forever. TypingMentor may introduce future versions and may impose charge.

6. Regarding Users Communication Materials and Comment/feedback sharing

User can submit or share information in form of any kind of communication materials with the service. TM shall not claim ownership or copyright of those materials and feedbacks shared or posted by the users related to service. That is referred as “submission” and by having submission, user permits TM to share, use, copy, distribute, display, analyze, edify the submissions. TM will publish the users name in association with the submissions. By sharing submissions, users publicly permit us to publish content legally and also to undergo any kind of changes TM wishes to make in the submissions without taking permission from the user. User can not demand any payment for his/her submission and cannot claim any benefit from the submission. We may refuse to transfer or remove the submission once it has come from their end. For each of the submission, users must have all rights necessary for them to grant permission in this section. We consider your use of account in TM Service and submission of communication materials to be private. It is to be noticed that TM does not routinely check the users’ accounts or keep the communications of the users completely private and will not share to individuals. However, to the highest extent as per permitted by law. TM may or may not check the user account and reveal information about the user and/or contents of communication. In that case we may deem the following- 1. Conform to legal requirements or conduct legal process 2. Make sure your compliance with contract 3. Protect the rights or kind of interest of TypingMentor and its stakeholders or the public.

7. Software

Currently no software is required to get access, account creation and to get service from TM. But in case of any future need we may provide you software which is to be used with the service of typing mentor. In that case, user must use that under the terms of license that is offered to the users with additional set of ST. If there is no license for offering, we may grant you the right to use the software only for the service’s authorized use. TM will preserve all the rights to the software as per copyright and other intellectual property laws. Typing Mentor or authorized agent (supplier) of TM will preserve the ownership the title, copyright and other intellectual property rights for that particular software. There is a possibility that TM may check, download, upgrade to such software to your computer to update and enhance further development of the service. Your service may get an end on the date of your license expiry date and we may modify the service in a way that no longer supports such software. Immediately after the date of your service expiry we may ask you to uninstall such software or we may disable such software are the service ends. User will not entitle for any disassemble, decompile or re-engineer any software or any machine automation including service, except and only to the extent that the law permits such activity. These laws include all kind of restrictions on end users and the terminal point use.

8. Issues regarding Change in Contract

If TypingMentor changes the contract partially or completely, we will inform our users at least 48 hours before the changes being effective. We would probably like to inform you via e-mail or online posting. We may also use other channels to communicate with you. If you have any disagreement with the changed issues of the contract, you must have to cancel and stop using our typing service before the changes will be brought under action. If you don’t stop using TypingMentor Service will mean that have no denial with the changed contract and will continue under the changed contract nature.

9. No Warranty Service

TypingMentor Web App Services to the users by nature are “as-is”, “with all faults as default” (if there is any) and “as available at hand”. We are not committed to provide express warranties, guarantees or conditional offerings. You are most likely to have further consumer rights under your local laws that the contract is not for the change regarding warranty issue.

10. Regarding Account Cancellation or Suspension

At any point of time, we may make change our service or we can force any user to delete features or whole account with or without notice. TypingMentor has unconditional right and ultimate authority to cancel or suspend any user’s account for temporarily or permanently without even showing reasons. The cancellation or suspension of account also mean that the data user has stored on the service may not be retrieved later.

11. Resolving Dispute by choosing law and locations

One party of the contract is TypingMentor, a production of Bangladeshi originated company Intellixio. Hence claims for breach of this contract will be subject to the laws of Private Company Service Act of Bangladesh without reference to conflict of laws principles. If this contract with an affiliate of typingmentor.com, claims for the breach of this contract will be subject to the laws of place of incorporation without reference to conflict of laws principles. Each and every claims regarding consumer protection, unfair completion and in tort, will be subject to the laws of your state of residence in the United States, or, if you reside outside the United States, under the laws of the country to which we direct your service.

12. Interpretation of the Contract

The entire contract is subject to the highest extent as per the permission of law. A court may hold that we cannot apply a part of the contract as written. In any such case, we have the authority to replace that part with terms that mostly suit the intent of the part that we cannot enforce. The remaining part of the contract will remain the pretty same. This is the entire contract between typingmentor.com regarding the service, usability of typing mentor and user. This takes over any prior contract or statements regarding any service issue with TypingMentor. In case a user has confidentiality obligations related to TypingMentor, Service or Account, those remain in force. For Example, the user might be a beta tester. The section headings in this entire contract do not limit the other terms.

13. Assignment

TypingMentor may assign contract partially or fully at any point of time with or without noticing the user. You are not entitled to assign this contract partially or fully to any other party. Any such attempt from your side is void. Despite of that the user has option to cancel his/her service and the other party has the option to make a service account with us and enter into a contract with TypingMentor

14. One Year Time Period for filing claim

One year is the period within which any claim regarding this contract may be placed. The period starts on the day when the claim could have been filed or placed. If is not done, then the claim is barred permanently. This is applied to all the users and their respective successor(s). This is also applied to typing mentor and its successors and assigns.

15. How to notify TypingMentor

In order to notify TypingMentor, user has to send e-mail or postal mail. User notices must be addressed as stated as per our support team email and postal address.

16. How TypingMentor will notify the User (Regarding Electronic Information)

The contract is in electronic form. There may have some other information related to service which may be required TypingMentor to send to the concern user. TypingMentor may send the required information in electronic form. If the user withdraws this consent, TypingMentor may cancel his/her service. TypingMentor may communicate with you in the following ways:

1. Sending Emails to the users; TypingMentor will use the email address, the email address got from user's registered social media account that the user used while account creation.

2. By access to website, Designated email notice sent to the user subject to the availability of information

designated in advance for such purpose.

The notice will be provided to the user via email and will be deemed exchanged on the date of transmission of such mail. As long as the user has the access and service taking options with TypingMentor is also substantiate the availability of hardware and software logistic support the user requires to receive the notices. If a user denies providing his/her consent to receive notice electronically must stop using the service. The continuation of service taking means the user has consent of electronic notifications.

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