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Hi, This is Michelle from England! I want to have an online typing solution for my early teen son. I have heard about TypingMentor. As a parent, I want to know few things about TypingMentor to decide should my son use TypingMentor.

1. Is it an appropriate site for someone of my son’s age to learn to type?

2. Is it absolutely safe for him?

3. Why should he particularly use TypingMentor where there are many other online solutions for learning touch typing?

Parent Guide

Michelle is an imaginary character. But we know, there are millions of mothers all around the globe who might ask us and they deserve to know from us the answers to these three questions. It’s our pleasure to answer all these questions!!

First and foremost, why this is an appropriate site for early teenagers?

Yes, this site is appropriate for early teenage users! TM has been designed in such a manner that it nicely complies with the interests of the teens. There are plenty of copies that the users are required to type. Typing Mentor has designed the copies keeping the age-wise interests of the users and early teens will receive many interesting paragraphs about the current world, science, literature, sports, and stories with lovely morals. That will not only sharpen their typing skill but also build interest in reading habits in the back of their mind. The site is designed as an individual practice platform, free from all kinds of destructive competitions and comparisons of typing performances, which may create additional pressure on the soft and tender-hearted young kids to start competing without building proper technique. Many teens fail to get the desired level due to a lack of proper technique and wrong muscle memory adaptation and remain mediocre typists for a lifetime. That happens because of the tendency to compete with classmates for fast typing. They put an overemphasis on the speed of typing over the accuracy of typing which ominously works against the commensurate balance between speed and accuracy. As a result, many of them suffer in the long run and their learning virtually ends without achieving the expert level of typing. Even though the school has other reference sites for learning touch typing, we advise you to allow your kid to practice with our site at home parallel to their school work, maybe for a few minutes in a day, maybe just one paragraph typing a day. This will trigger his performance at school a great deal. Our site is very simple and designed in a user-friendly manner with absolutely simple but effective practice tasks, perfectly suited to the young stars.

Is it safe for early teens?

Yes, definitely! This is an online site to provides a practicing platform and supportive analytical tools to help someone measure his/her own typing performance. TM mentors him/her to rectify the mistakes. We deliberately keep it for individual users per account and hence ensure your teenage son or daughter will be absolutely risk-free from any unwanted online social interactions.

Last but not least, why should an early teen particularly use Typing Mentor?

We mentor young kids and all the learners to build strong muscle memory with proper techniques. Let us explain to all the parents why we recommend our site, especially for the young kids: No unnecessary competition among the beginners; because in such cases they do concentrate on winning competitions and less concentrate on typing techniques. They end up building incorrect techniques for the long run and their typing gets affected throughout their lifetime. At least half of the total learners fail to reach the expert level of typing due to their adaptation to the wrong techniques. Once a young learner is used to with a particular technique, it is saved in his/her muscle memory. Later it is even more difficult to forget that muscle memory and build the muscle memory again from the beginning. This is why many learners settle with an average level of expertise in typing quite quickly and stick to that level for a lifetime even though they go through a huge level of practice for practical needs. TypingMentor will help to learn touch typing, and mentor them to be experts rather than hooked somewhere in the middle range of expertise level by building muscle memory with wrong typing techniques.

One more reason for choosing TypingMentor

  • statistical analysis helps the users in analyzing their typing performances easily and effectively to identify their typing strengths and weaknesses.
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