Privacy Policy

Effective Date: 12 June 2023
Company Name: Intellixio (Previously known as NazzTech)

The purpose of TypingMentor (; (A Product of Intellixio), is to showcase our commitment towards privacy. This policy is inclusive to the information- information TypingMentor receives from the users during account opening and site visit. However the same policy does not necessarily applicable to any other present or future websites or apps of Intellixio. At present TypingMentor presents a single version of the website. We may or may not offer newer version with subscription charge subject to the dynamic nature and changing objective(s) of our site. The privacy policy regarding the personal information of the users which we receive, store, use and reveal will be dependent upon the version to be utilized. TypingMentor does not have information tracking that can classify the age of children below 13. Unlike some other typing websites, TypingMentor does not have local or international school or educational institutions or any related professionals.

Our Collection of Information

TypingMentor receives information when the users create their respective accounts with us. Typing mentor or any third party may send the users one or more cookies directed to the browsers of the users for tailor made help the users experience on our site and/to allow users with commercials of their interests.

An Email ID & Password are what we all require from the users to create an account with us. Once a user does so, s/he can save his/her all necessary performance and track records with typing mentor. The user can also create and maintain account with us by logging in from different social media networks including facebook. In that case, typing mentor may get in to the users information by the access of social network.

Typing mentor may take any advertising or commercial service to bolster the current version along with Google which collects information with the aim to set ads to the users. This may contain User IP locations, ISP (Internet Service Provider) Identification Process, Type of Browser, OS (Operating System), Web Pages, Pages or Sites that are being visited during our site in action.

The Use and Share of Information

TypingMentor may use the information as stated before in order to set up communications with our users and to manage and to improvise our site for betterment and also for the security purposes. Other than the condition stated below, we declare hereby that typing mentor will not sell or rent, preach or reveal information as we receive from our users. TypingMentor uses Google Analytics; Google Analytics places a cookie on users’ web browsers and collect the users’ domain and/or IP addresses and Device IMEI etc. We may use the aforementioned information to detect problems and to rectify and better administer TypingMentor with that.

TypingMentor may have agreement with other service providers in any form of third party agency to receive any kind of support service with our site. We hereby declare that we may share information with the said third parties for their support services. We may or may not share information with third party (if any) to process any future subscription charge, payment or transaction from our users. Therefore we may allow our said third parties regardless to access the personal information of our users in case of any necessity which would be subject to privacy agreements that can comply with this policy.

TypingMentor may use Google AdExchange to have advertisement services to our site users. We may provide with users’ aggregated and de-identified information. The advertisers may have the provision to place and read cookies on users’ browsers or use web beacons for the collection of information by using ad appearance in our site. Advertisements under the service of Google may be regulated using the Double click cookie which has the provision to display Google ads as per the users’ site visits. You are also requested to read carefully the privacy policy for Google Ad Exchange for your required information.

TypingMentor will share information in case of any requirement of law compliance and/or to protect TypingMentor from any third party claims.

Information of Children

This site is free from anything and everything that require logical prohibition and discouragement for children under 13, therefore we have no restrictive policy or prohibition for children or any age level. But if any legal guardian/parent seek his/her child/children should not use our site for any health or other justifiable reason, we request them to contact with our support team here and our assurance is we will remove his/her account and also remove his/her information right away with the least time we require for processing.

We would like to provide all the right to the parents of our children users to review and request us to delete any personal information that our site received, kept and further used for any commercial purposes. You are requested to contact our support team here for deleting any information related to that child or account.


We have our vulnerability and limitations like all other typing sites to provide 100% data security and personal information protection as Internet is an external factor about which we have no control. Internet is not 100% secure platform for data transmission or storage. Therefore we cannot offer you any assurance about absolute security.

Links with Other Sites

As we have acknowledged you that TypingMentor may use third party agency for ads distribution to our users. If any user in the process clicks any link of third party site, s/he will be visiting websites on which we have no control. We are not responsible for anything related with those third party sites. TypingMentor may also serve third party contents which may also include their cookies or tracking systems. TypingMentor will also not take any responsibilities for any unwanted outcome or consequence with any of these contents, cookies or tracking systems.

Visitors outside the Country (Bangladesh)

If any user who live outside Bangladesh, please be known that information we collect will be transferred to and processed in Bangladesh or elsewhere. By being a user of TypingMentor, you agree with our collection, transfer, processing and sharing your information In Bangladesh or anywhere else in the world.

Query or Concern

If any of TypingMentor user has any query, curiosity or any kind of interest to learn or know more about our privacy policy or seek further clarity or better understanding of any related issue, the concern user is very keenly requested and welcomed to write here


TypingMentor reserves the right solely to make any change, modify or replace this privacy policy at any point of time without any prior notice whatsoever.

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