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Typing practice paragraphs

Paragraph typing is fun because of its content where you don't need to type a series of characters that don't make sense to you. It let you practice typing for a long time with a lot of interval period to rest your hands and fingers. On TypingMentor if you visit the typing practice page it will let you practice paragraphs continuously. You can set the duration of a test or lesson on the settings panel. You will find the settings panel by clicking on the gear βš™οΈ icon in the top-right corner. There you can also enable the survival mode which lets you type without any time limit. Anytime you stop typing it will pause the timer, and whenever you re-start it will calculate the time accordingly.

Girl typing on laptop at home

Download paragraph for typing practice as pdf or ms word

If you prefer to type paragraphs offline, maybe on ms-word or in any other text editors you can download them in PDF or ms-word format, and then all you need to do is to print it out and practice regularly. Once you are comfortable about typing without looking at the keyboard, you might be thinking to move typing practice online. On Typing Mentor you can track your progress on the dashboard page, and generate countless varieties of lessons fully customizable per your need on the lessons page.

Through Typing Mentor you would be able to share your profile with your friends, family, or your employer to prove the touch typing skill you acquired. Please note, you need to have an account on Typing Mentor for this.

For more tips and tricks on how you can improve your typing skill quickly and effectively, you may want to visit the help and support page for more information.

🀫 3 sample paragraphs ready for download

Download the paragraphs of your choice below. Please select the format of the file you want. You can choose either PDF or MS Word and hit the download button below.

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  • Story based paragraphs
  • Movie dialogue based paragraphs
  • Most Common 100 words

πŸ‘‡ Download as MS Word

πŸ‘‡ Download as PDF

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