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Typing Mentor is the one-stop solution to your all touch typing needs including a free typing test that brought you here. If you use a pc/laptop, whether you are a student or professional, you need to type accurately and fast for your work to be done. At least you need to maintain an average optimal typing speed. But how do you know your current typing speed, skill, and accuracy?
No worries, Typing Mentor is here for you. Read through the article and you will find how our special free typing test can help you achieve your goal. Let's go!

What is Typing Mentor?

Typing Mentor is your home of touch typing. It is a web-based app designed specifically to meet your typing needs. It has 35+ promising and effective typing tests and lessons that can help boost your typing speed.

How can Typing Mentor help improve your typing speed?

Typing Mentor can track your performance stats and help identify weaker areas in your typing skills. Then based on these evaluations, you can choose a typing lesson to fulfill your typing speed needs. Typing Mentor will be a supporting tool in your journey towards being an expert typist, showing results in minimum time.

Types of free typing tests at Typing Mentor

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Typing Mentor provides 35+ free typing tests and lessons. These tests have been designed using a fair amount of research and analysis along with the natural and scientific applications of the techniques to learn typing quickly. As a free typing test platform, some of Typing Mentor's lessons/tests are below:

  • Paragraph Typing Test: A paragraph test that allows you to know your current typing speed. It also shows which fingers to use while typing certain words. Unlike many other software/apps, Typing Mentor provides your typing speed both in WPM and KPH format. Don't you familiar with KPH? No worries, here is all you need to know.
  • 1-Minute Typing Test: After years of typing, still you are struggling to improve your typing speed. You are desperately wanting to speed up your typing. But how do you do that? Just take lessons from Typing Mentor and check Typing Mentor's special 1-minute typing test frequently to know your exact typing speed score. Just defeat yourself every day as you are your competitor. WHOOAAHH! IT'S THAT SIMPLE!!!!
  • Number Typing Test: If your work requires you to insert numbers for a prolonged time in a spreadsheet or any other software like any data entry job, then this free number test can help increase your productivity.
  • Punctuation Typing Test: Forget about grammatical mistakes and increase your productivity with this free punctuation typing test.
  • Most Common 50-1000 Words: This typing test is divided into 13 parts, allowing you to type the most commonly used 1000 words, even with your eyes closed. Given that you completed these lessons/typing tests.
  • Famous Quotes Typing Test: For those who work as a journalist, transcriptionist, social media manager, or those who are a writer in the profession who just loves to add quotes to their writings to make their writings look more authentic and eye-catching for readers, This free quotes typing test will not only help increase your productivity, but it’ll also help you learn many famous quotes from well-known and respected Individuals like Mother Teresa and many more.
  • Left-Hand Typing Test: Embrace your unique abilities, and don’t let any disabilities hinder your productivity. In fact, your special abilities can be an advantage – for example, being able to type faster and more effectively using just one hand than most people struggle to do using both. This typing test/lesson is designed to improve your left-hand typing skills for free and make the most of your unique talents.
  • Right-Hand Typing Test: In touch typing, your right hand is the same important as your left hand. Without using both hands, you can not type bullet speed. So, as you see the left-hand exercise above, here you will find right-hand typing exercises. This typing test is designed to improve your right-hand typing skills and make the most of your unique talents.
  • N-grams of 2, 3, and 4 Characters: Increase your productivity by learning how to most effectively type bigram, trigram, or quad gram from any given text using this free typing test.
  • Number Row, Top Row, Home Row, Bottom Row: If you struggle typing using a particular row on your keyboard, then this typing test is for you. You can choose any individual (Number, Top, Home, Bottom) row from your keyboard that you want to improve your typing on.
  • Individual Finger Typing Test: If you want to train your individual fingers to develop muscle memory, then this is the most effective and quick way to do it. You’ll get typing tests for all 8 of your fingers (four from each hand), excluding your thumbs because thumbs should always be placed on the spacebar of your keyboard. Check the lessons page and you will find it in the bottom section.
  • Type the Alphabet: It is a fun test from which you can see how fast you can type all the alphabet in the English Language.

Types of typing techniques

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The most commonly used typing techniques are;

  • Touch Typing: This technique involves the use of all ten fingers without looking at the keyboard. This technique allows for the fastest and most accurate typing speeds. And is based on muscle memory.

Continue to read more about Touch Typing!

  • Hunt and Peck typing: Also known as two-finger typing, involves typing using only two fingers, mostly index while looking at the keyboard. This technique is slow and less accurate than touch typing.
  • Hybrid Typing: As the name suggests, this technique involves using both touch-typing and two-finger typing techniques. It is mostly used by individuals who have not learned touch typing yet or are not able to use all ten fingers due to physical limitations.

Who is Typing Mentor for?

Typing Mentor is a free web-based application that any individual who wants to increase his/her typing speed can access at the time of their choosing from the comfort of their home. Typing Mentor works as an instructor/trainer in your journey towards being an expert touch typist, showing results in the quickest possible time. For those who are searching for a perfect free typing test platform that provides the best accurate results in both WPM and KPH formats, Typing Mentor is the right choice for them.

Free typing test

You can gain easy access to all 35 free typing tests/lessons available on Typing Mentor just by signing up using either your Google account or email. Creating an account is required for you to evaluate your performance and for your typing mentor to suggest the areas you need to improve in using your performance stats.

In this section, you will find some information people also want to know:

Is Typing Mentor free?

Yes, Typing Mentor is completely free for your use.

How many typing techniques are there?

There are three typing techniques, Touch Typing, Hunt and Peck or two-finger typing, and Hybrid typing.

Which Typing Technique is most effective?

Touch Typing is the most effective typing technique since it allows for the fastest and most accurate typing speed.

How many typing speed tests can I gain access to?

You can gain access to more than 30 typing speed tests on Typing Mentor, which is free for all!

Final Thoughts

As you read, Typing Mentor is a free online typing test platform that allows you to improve your typing speed and learn new skills for free. All you need is to create an account to track and evaluate your performance stats for a lifetime.
You can gain access to around three dozen free typing speed tests on this platform. Take a free typing test to experience the difference. Overall, Typing Mentor is your ultimate typing tutor. Join now with thousands of users worldwide.

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