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Keystrokes Per Hour Test - Be The Master at Data Entry Free

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In a world where technology has made so many things easier, it's more important than ever to have a skill that is in high demand: data entry. And the best way to become a master at data entry? Take keystrokes per hour tests or data entry tests frequently and practice more and more!

A good score on a keystrokes per hour test means you can type quickly and accurately - two essential skills for anyone looking to work in data entry. In fact, many employers will require a minimum typing speed of 40 WPM before considering you for the job. To help you reach that goal, Typing Mentor has provided a free keystrokes per hour test so you can practice and improve your typing speed based on your scores.

Keep reading to find out more about the KPH speed test, how it works, and useful tips on how to increase your score. You'll also find answers to frequently asked questions

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What is a keystrokes per hour test?

A keystrokes per hour test also known as KPH test in typing is a measure of how fast a person can type. The test is usually timed, and the goal is to see how many keystrokes the person can make in a given period of time. These tests are commonly used to assess typing speed and efficiency. They are often used as part of a larger assessment of keyboarding skills. Keystrokes per hour test generally consists of a series of words or phrases, or numbers that the individual must type as quickly and accurately as possible. This can be used to evaluate progress over time or to compare different people's typing speeds. The results of a KPH test or data entry test can be affected by factors such as the person's age, experience, and familiarity with the keyboard.

What is a good score on a keystrokes per hour test?

A keystrokes per hour test measures how many keystrokes a person can type in a given period of time. The average score is around 180-200 keystrokes per minute (KPM), which works out to around 10800-12000 keystrokes per hour. However, some people are able to type much faster, with scores of 250-300 keystrokes per minute or more. The world record for typing speed is around 1060 keystrokes per minute or characters per minute (CPM), which works out to around 23600 KPH (keystrokes per hour). It was made in the year 2015 on a DVORAK keyboard by Barbara Blackburn. Anyways, If you're looking to score high on a keystrokes per hour test, at first, aim for around 133 keystrokes per minute (KPM), or 8,000 KPH at least.

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How can I improve my score on a keystrokes per hour test?

If you're looking to improve your KPH on the keyboard, there are a few things you can do. First, make sure you're using the proper technique. Proper finger placement is key to hitting the right keys quickly and accurately. Second, practice regularly. The more you type, the faster and more accurate you'll become. Finally, try using a typing tutor or game to help hone your skills. These tools can provide valuable feedback and help you spot areas where you can improve your typing speed test scores. With a little practice, you should be able to see a significant improvement in your keystrokes per hour.

Here at Typing Mentor, you will get all the necessary features and personal user stats so that you can check your progress frequently. We provide the most accurate result in both formats KPH and WPM so that you can achieve the best out of your typing skill. Besides, if you are just a starter at touch typing, read our typing basics.

Keystrokes Per Hour Calculator

If you're interested in taking a keystrokes per hour test, there are a few different ways to do it. One option is to use an online keystrokes per hour calculator. These calculators can be found for free with a quick internet search. Simply enter the amount of time you want to test for and start typing; the calculator will keep track of your keystrokes and report back to you at the end of the test. Alternatively, you could purchase software that includes KPH test as part of its package; this option may be especially appealing if you plan on taking multiple typing tests over time. Whatever method you choose, KPH testing can give you valuable insights into your typing speed and progress.

Typing mentor is providing a free keystrokes per hour test for users, which calculates your typing speed in KPH format. So you will get accurate results, unlike the other sites. Also, you can select the WPM method manually by yourself. Try typing practice at Typing Mentor to get the best experience.


How many keystrokes per hour is 40 WPM?

40 WPM is approximately 12000 keystrokes. If you want to know your exact keystrokes per hour, Just start typing on the above box placed on the top of the article to take the KPH test. Typing Mentor will provide your test results in KPH format automatically. Whether you're a fast typist or a slow one, knowing your keystrokes per hour can help you to gauge your productivity and set realistic goals.

What is a good average number of keystrokes per hour?

A good average keystrokes per hour is around 200 keystrokes per minute, which works out to around 12000 KPH (keystrokes per hour).

What is the minimum typing speed for data entry?

Most data entry tasks need at least 40-45 words per minute, which is around 12000-13500 KPH (keystrokes per hour). Average word counts for legal secretaries, typists, and transcriptionists range from 60 to 90 per minute. The ability to type quickly without sacrificing precision might be ineffective.

What is a good 10-key typing speed?

A good 10-key typing speed is around 8000 keystrokes per hour. This is the score that you should try to achieve if you're looking to improve your speed on a keystrokes per hour test. Remember, practice makes perfect!

How do I calculate WPM to keystrokes per hour (KPH)?

Just multiply your WPM by 5, then you will get the keystrokes per minute. Afterward, you have to multiply that figure by 60 to get the keystrokes per hour. Confused? Don't worry! Typing Mentor will show your test result automatically in KPH format. All you have to do is just start typing the test. Rests will do Typing Mentor!


Keystrokes per hour is an important factor to consider if you are looking for a job in data entry or any kind of typing job. Knowing your KPH can help you set realistic goals and track your progress. The keystrokes per hour test can be taken for free here at Typing Mentor. With practice and dedication, you should be able to significantly improve this skill over time. Good luck!

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