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The Importance of Typing Test for Employers

Employer taking typing test to know his candidate's skill level

Are you a recruiter looking to hire a new employee who can type accurately and quickly? Or are you looking for a job that pays you a handsome salary but cannot pass the typing test? Would you consider administering a typing test as part of your interview process?

A typing test helps you find a suitable candidate for the hiring role. A practice typing test allows you to pass any typing test and get your desired job. The typing test for employers is the best way to assess the ideal candidate fit for a job.

Look at the typing tests and their importance in the hiring process.

What is a typing test?

A typing test is an assessment to measure the individual's ability to type accurately and quickly. In a typing test, a passage is provided to a candidate to complete within a given timeframe by maintaining a constant speed and accuracy.

This test measures the candidate's average typing speed, words per minute, and accuracy. Then, after checking the progress report, recruiters decide whether to hire the candidate.

What is the Average Speed to Pass the test?

In most typing tests, the average typing speed to pass the test is 40 words per minute. But you aim to achieve the highest score because the more quickly you can type, the more chances you have of getting hired.
Many tests demand candidates to type at least 45- 60 words per minute to pass the test, but it also depends on the job role. Many candidates ignore the accuracy to achieve a higher typing speed, but you must notice that accuracy is more important than speed.
A professional typing test requires an accuracy of around 90% or higher. So, you must pass the test with an average speed of 45 words per minute and 90% accuracy.
The point to consider is that passing the test doesn't mean that you get the job; you have to achieve the maximum score you can to get the job.

The Importance of Typing skills for employers

Typing tests are essential for hiring candidates for data entry, customer service representatives, content writers, clerks, etc. The recruiter wants a candidate who can type accurately and quickly and increase productivity.
You must type more than the average typist, who can type 40 words per minute. The individual who can type faster by maintaining accuracy can increase productivity and cost savings. So recruiters use these typing tests to check the candidate's typing abilities.
The one who will take an employment typing test also uses these typing tests to enhance their typing skills. This test helps them to become familiar with the test format and helps them know the mistakes.

How to conduct a typing test?

Here are tips to help you conduct a typing test for employers to measure their typing skills.

1- Choose a Suitable Typing test platform

Before conducting any test, do deep research on the platform you use for the hiring process to get reliable results. Some trustworthy sources include:

You can use any of them to test the candidate's typing skills; these provide accurate results and match your budget requirements.

2- Set The Test Parameters

After finding a trustworthy test platform, choose the test parameters. These parameters include the paragraph length, time duration, difficulty level, passing percentage for a test, and anything else you want to add.
The average time to take the test is 1-5 minutes, and the paragraph length is 100-200 words. You can select it according to your job requirements.

3- Provide Instructions

Mention clear and concise instructions at the beginning of the test. The instructions include the passing percentage, time, how to finish the test, etc.

4- Analyze The Test

Evaluate the test based on the accuracy of the words per minute. A 40-word per minute is considered an average speed, 60- 80 words per minute is considered good, and 80-100 words per minute is regarded as an excellent typing speed.
You can select the candidate according to your job requirements by measuring their progress.


Typing tests for employers are ideal for assessing candidates' typing skills that make them fit for a job. These typing tests can help employers increase productivity, reduce errors, provide standardized evaluations, and identify skills gaps.

You should have at least 40 words per minute typing speed to meet the standard efficiency level at work. Is being a fast and accurate typist essential in your job? Let users know your thoughts in the comments below.

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