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What Typing Speed is Considered Fast? - Quick Overview

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Would you be surprised at how much easier life would be if you learned to type? Typing has become an essential tool in our daily life. Typing quickly and accurately is a key to unlocking one's creative potential and a world of possibilities.

When it's about typing speed, the question comes to your mind: what does fast typing speed mean, and how can one achieve it? Is there any average typing speed? Who types the fastest? And many others.

This article aims to show how mastering the art of typing can help you be more productive and communicate more effectively

What Is An Average Typing Speed?

The average typing speed of words per minute is about 40. But this speed varies according to the job requirements, such as jobs that heavily rely on computer skills have an average typing speed of words per minute, around 60, e.g., admins and executive assistants.

You are considered an advanced typist if you can write 80 words per minute. Regular practice makes you a proficient typist. You can check your average speed by taking an online typing test.

Different Techniques of Typing:

Typing skills mainly depend upon the techniques that enhance your accuracy. Here are some of the typing techniques:

1- Touch Typing:

In the touch typing technique, you have to use all ten fingers of your hand without looking at the keyboard. Your eyes should be on the monitor.

This technique uses muscle memory to find the right key on the keyboard. The average typing speed of a touch typist can be around 40-60 words per minute.

2- Hunt And Peck Typing:

In this typing technique, you can use one finger of each hand and your eyes to search for a key on the keyboard.

This method is considered slow and less accurate, while the average word per minute speed is around 20-30.

3- Hybrid Typing:

The combination of hunt and peck and touch typing is hybrid typing. In this technique, you can use the touch typing method for the keys you are more familiar with and the heck and peck method for those you are less familiar with.

The hybrid typing method is also considered less accurate than touch typing, and the average speed is 70 words per minute.

4- Thumb Typing:

The thumb typing technique is more applicable when using your smartphone, gaming console, tablet, or small digital keyboards.

Typing is done using your thumb since there is no physical keyboard. Thirty-six words per minute is considered an average speed for this method. This is also a modified version of the hunt-and-peck typing technique.

Touch typing is considered the best technique of all typing techniques. According to research, the touch typing method can enhance their typing speed and accuracy.

Apart from these typing methods, technology is moving at such a rapid pace that typing at the speed of thought may also be a possibility.

Who types the Faster?

In recent years, research has been done to check who types the faster men or women. The study results show that men's average typing speed is 44 words per minute, while women can type 37 words per minute. We also have published an interesting article about the fastest typing speed in history! You can read it here.

How You Can Improve Your Words Per Minute?

Regular practice and speed drills can improve your average words per minute. The most efficient way to improve your WPM is the touch typing method.

The only requirement of this method is your familiarity with the keyboard. Once you know all positions of keys on the keyboard, start practicing with consistency.

What Typing Speed is Considered Fast?

Any speed above 80 WPM is considered fast in the touch typing field. But it has no limitations. You can increase your speed as you practice more and more. Do you know your typing speed? No worries, just a minute is needed! Check here -

Typing practice: PARAGRAPH
One minute
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Ways to Improve Your Typing Speed:

Several tips help you to improve your typing speed per minute.

1- Test Your Current Typing Speed:

Take an online test to check your current words per minute. Once you get the statics, start working on your mistakes to improve them. You can also test your current typing speed in the field at the top of this page.

2- Learn Touch Typing:

The touch typing method is the best method to improve your typing speed. Spend your time learning this method and practice regularly makes you a proficient typist.

3- Become familiar with the home row typing position:

You should learn to know the finger placement for touch typing. The right-hand fingers should be on the JKL keys, while the left should be on the ASDF keys.

4- Observe your posture while typing.

You can type more accurately and efficiently if sitting in a good position. You should keep your screen away from your face by over 12 inches.

Keep your back straight, your feet flat on the floor, and your monitor tilted comfortably.


A proficient typing speed can increase efficiency and productivity. Do as much practice as possible to reach the average typing speed, as it helps you professionally.

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