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Typing Test For Employment: Complete Tutorial & Simple Hacks

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Any organization's success depends on recruiting the right talent. Employing suitable candidates with the right skills and aptitudes is essential for building a solid and productive team. The ability to type proficiently is among the many skills recruiters must evaluate when hiring.

A keyboard is like an artist's canvas; each key represents a brush stroke. This typing experience is not just about typing; it's about a journey of creativity, a dance between fingers and keys that transcends the normal.

These typing tests are often used to measure the candidate's speed and accuracy in the early hiring process.

The Importance of Typing Tests In The Hiring Process:

Typing tests are vital to employment because of their efficiency and productivity. Typists with these Typing skills can work faster and more efficiently. Recruiters hire the candidates by evaluating their typing speed and accuracy based on these tests.

Different Types Of Typing Tests For Employment (ALL in 1 Place):

Here are all the typing tests recruiters use for hiring purposes. Just click any of them you want to start for absolutely FREE!

1- Standard Typing Test:

In a Standard typing test, a paragraph is given to a candidate that could be random or related to the company.

2- SpreadSheet Typing Test:

Spreadsheet typing tests are mainly used in data entry jobs, accountants, researchers, etc. Number and text are both focused on in this text.

You should use several data types, such as names, addresses, and phone numbers. You can finish this test quickly by learning keyboard shortcut keys.

3- Alphanumeric Typing Test:

The format of alphanumeric and standard typing tests is quite similar. A passage containing letters, words, punctuation marks, and numbers in different formats is given to type.

You'll have to stay fast and precise and ensure you're punctuating correctly.

4- Touch Typing Test:

In the Touch typing test, you must type accurately and speedily without looking at the screen. The ability to multitask while typing makes it useful for job roles requiring employees to focus on the screen or interact with customers.

It also makes it easier to reduce typing errors in such roles.

Best Online Typing Tests Used for Hiring Purposes:

Here are the best platforms used for employment purposes.

  • Mettl Typing Test:

The Mettl typing test provides various job tests. Companies use this test to check the candidate's typing speed and accuracy.

The best thing about this is that employers can customize the test according to their job requirements. They can set the time duration, their choice of content, and many other parameters.

  • Typing Mentor's Typing Test:

One of the most searched and popular typing test platforms, Typing Mentor, provides practice typing and employment tests.

You can use their practice test to improve your speed and accuracy. Recruiters use these tests to evaluate the candidate's typing abilities.

Things To Consider When Using Typing Test for Employment:

There are many essential factors of tests that are important to consider.

1- Test Accuracy and Speed:

Accuracy is the number of words you type correctly with errors, while speed is words per minute. Typing tests are taken to measure how quickly you can order with the highest accuracy.

The nature of the job decides which you need to be more proficient in. If it's about working in a legal firm, then accuracy works, while when it's about working in customer service, you need more speed.

2- Test Difficulty:

A typing test's difficulty should reflect the skills required for the job. A basic test should be used for entry-level jobs, while a more challenging test should be used for more senior or advanced positions.

Why typing tests are used for employment:

Typing tests are mainly used to measure speed and accuracy, but other factors include Productivity and Performance.

If you can work faster, you can complete more work than an average person, leading to more productivity.

This test helps recruiters to find a more efficient and suitable person for the job.

The Results Analysis:

The typing test result can be measured based on words per minute and accuracy percentage. While finalizing the result, it depends on whether the job type demands more accuracy or speed.

Here are some facts that will help you in the hiring process.

  • The average typing speed for an adult is about 40-42 words per minute.
  • Typing speeds above 60 words per minute are considered good.
  • Eighty words per minute is regarded as an excellent typing speed.
  • The accuracy percentage should be at least 95%.


Finding the right candidate is like solving a puzzle. It takes effort and keen observation to see if they fit the job requirements.

A typing test for employment is suitable for assessing candidates' abilities in today's digital workplace.

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