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Typing With Symbols: An Expert Typist's View in 2024

A good number of Symbols that are used in modern day typing

Symbols are icons or figures that stand for something else and are used for communication. I'm a staunch believer of letters and numbers being just symbols with meanings. And you'll, too, once you understand how communication took place in olden times. If you go through the history books, you'll come across terms like Pictograms. These were symbols drawn on the walls of caves or clay tablets. Then arranged in a sequence to convey messages. This is what laid the foundations of modern communication. You can say pictograms were the modern equivalent of emojis. All modern-day communication takes place through typing. Be it as emails or text messages, typing and using symbols in typing has become a part of our lives. Read on to learn why typing with symbols is important and how you can benefit from it.

Commonly Used Symbols

Now, when I say emojis are the modern-day pictograms, that doesn't necessarily mean that they are all what typing with symbols is about. Many types of symbols have been used in typing. Symbols like the Dollar $ or mathematical symbols such as addition +. Keep in mind that punctuation marks are also symbols. And how can we forget the most recent addition to the list, The Emojis? Emojis are a great way to express yourself, but they should be used sparingly in a professional setting.

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-> The Art of Efficiently Typing with Special Characters and Symbols

Importance of Typing with Symbols

You'll have to use symbols if you are working in any typing-related field. What I mean by this is any field that requires the use of a keyboard. You can be working in healthcare and need to use the keyboard. Other obvious fields include finance, data entry, and IT. Typing with symbols is extremely important for IT professionals. If you're coding, you are using symbols. And if you want to be proficient in it, typing with symbols must be your stronghold. IT professionals can find some support by using AI tools to get their work done effectively.

The introduction of emojis has been a revelation for everyone. They've helped transcend boundaries and truly turned the world into a Global village.

Significance of Emojis

Let me tell you why emojis are crucial in this modern time. You may have noticed people from different backgrounds misunderstanding each other even when talking in the same language. It is because of their accents and cultural influence. Emojis solve that problem for us. A smiley face means that the person sending it is happy. That is true for every place on this God-given earth. They've bridged the gap that no language was able to do. They might very well be called the universal language of earth. Keeping all that in mind, it is also important to not use them frequently in formal settings.

Tips for Typing with Symbols

If you want to be efficient in typing with symbols and characters, follow the tips given below;

  • Know all the short keys. Remember, short keys differ for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Develop muscle memory by practicing regularly.
  • For beginners, you can print out all the short keys and keep'em on your work desk.
  • Use autocorrect and text expansion tools for more efficiency.
  • Familiarize yourself with the most used symbols.
  • You can also create custom keyboard shortcuts.
  • Use online typing software like Typing Mentor.
  • Use proper typing posture.

Common Challenges

With pros come the cons. You may face some challenges while typing with symbols. One challenge is the lack of availability of special symbols on a standard keyboard. Standard keyboards are designed with only the most commonly used symbols in mind. When you try a different keyboard, you might face connectivity issues. Keeping these challenges in mind, you should always be ready to take any challenge head-on as a typist.

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How do you type symbols on a keyboard?

The row above the letters key contains all the most commonly used symbols. If you don't find what you're looking for there, you can use the menu bar and insert special characters. Then, you can either scroll or use the search bar for what you're looking for.

How do you type on a keyboard without looking at it?

There is a technique for typing on a keyboard without looking at it; it is known as touch typing. You can learn touch typing by practicing regularly.

How do you type numbers and symbols?

You can use the number pad on your keyboard if it is available. Otherwise, you can type numbers using the row just above the letters. For typing symbols, you can hold the shift key down and use the number keys in the top row.

How do you type special characters fast?

The key to typing special characters fast is practicing regularly. If you're just beginning, you can create a cheat sheet or print out the short keys and keep it on your work desk.


In this blog post, I went over the most commonly used symbols. I also made sure you get to know the different types of symbols used in today's communication. We came to an understanding that letters and numbers are merely symbols. Emojis are modern-day pictograms. They've bridged the gap between masses. Typing with symbols is crucial in many fields like healthcare, finance, IT, etc. But it has its cons. You may have to face a few hiccups along the way, a price only the best are willing to pay. I also answered a few of the web's most searched questions related to Typing with symbols. In conclusion, typing with symbols is a crucial part of typing. Only those willing to go the extra mile can truly succeed in it.

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