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Typing Practice for Adults: Easy Actionable Tips with Resources

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Proficiency in typing is a valuable skill for adults in their personal and professional lives. If you wonder why Typing Mentor introducing Typing Practice for Adults, here you go:

Some adults may have missed out on formal typing instruction altogether, especially if they attended schools where typing classes were not part of the curriculum or were optional. As a result, many adults find themselves needing to improve their typing skills later in life, either to keep up with the demands of their careers or to enhance their productivity.

Being able to type quickly saves your time and increases productivity. If you face difficulty improving your typing skills and cannot find valuable resources, then don't panic.

Various websites help you improve your speed and accuracy without cost, whether you are a beginner or experienced. Let's take a look at them.

Free Typing Practice Websites for Adults:

Whether you are a student or an adult working as a professional, typing is considered an essential skill for both. Here are some free websites that improve your typing skills.

1- Typing Mentor:

Typing Mentor is a free online typing website that offers 36+ lessons with multiple exercises. The website is suitable for adults and is easy to use and navigate. No past schooling or training is required. Lessons begin with teaching correct posture, finger motion, and positions.

While typing on this website, you can view how many mistakes you made and words per minute. You can even compete with others.

What we like:

  • It is entirely free to use.
  • A variety of keyboard layouts are offered in the lessons.
  • You can take the typing test to see your speed and accuracy and print your certificate when you're done.

What we don't like:

  • It lacks custom exercises.
  • The interface is not very user-friendly.

2- Keybr:

Keybr is a unique typing practice website that customizes typing lessons based on your typing speed and accuracy. This website is an excellent opportunity for adults who want to challenge themselves and want to increase their typing skills to the next level.

What we like:

  • It is free and doesn't require any signup.
  • The typing test duration, text length, and keyboard layout can all be customized with Keybr.
  • It provides real-time feedback on typing speed and accuracy.

What we don't like:

  • The website has several ads
  • It doesn't offer any progress report, so unable to find your areas of improvement.


Sense-Lang typing website provides 16 free lessons in multiple languages and keyboards. You can also use your own text for practice.

A keyboard animation is included in each lesson to teach you how to type correctly. The lessons will also provide real-time typing statistics for words per minute (WPM), time, and accuracy.

What we like:

  • Multiple keyboard styles and two display modes are available.
  • Lesson length can be customized.

What we don't like:

  • Lessons are too short
  • Ads distraction

4- Typing Club:

There are almost 600 lessons available on Typing Club that help you to learn the alphabet keys, numbers, shift keys, and symbols. Adults looking to improve their typing accuracy and speed will find the lessons engaging and cover various topics.

You can jump to any lesson whenever you like. The primary purpose of these lessons is to increase your speed.

What we like:

  • Provide proper guidelines about hand postures
  • You can customize the theme according to your choice
  • You can track your past performance.

What we don't like:

  • Limited free version
  • Unable to skip introduction videos
  • Limited language options

Are you confused about where to start? No worries, Typing Mentor's Special Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistant will solve all your needs based on your current skill level! Try this now!

Tips for Adults to Improve Typing Skills:

Here are several techniques that adults can apply during typing practice.

Touch Typing:

Touch typing is considered the most efficient typing technique. You have to type without looking at the keyboard and improve your speed and accuracy more quickly.

Dvorak Keyboard Layout:

The Dvorak keyboard layout is specially designed for touch typing. In the Dvorak layout, the higher frequency keys on a home row are replaced by the lower frequency keys on the other rows.

According to research, Dvorak is more efficient than the QWERTY layout. By using this layout, you can enhance your typing speed and accuracy.


Adults can improve their typing speed and accuracy with regular practice and proper typing techniques. All the websites mentioned above provide an excellent approach to learning by providing multiple lessons, exercises, and tests.

Practice using correct finger positions, follow instructions mentioned in the website description, and take breaks, as it develops your muscle memory and enhances your typing skills. Be consistent with your practice!

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