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Practical Typing Test: How to Qualify [Complete Insights]

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A practical typing test aims to determine the accuracy and speed of typing within a specific timeframe.

In these typing tests, a passage is provided to a candidate with a time limit to complete without error using proficient typing skills.

As the candidate finishes the test, the final report is available to both the candidate and the employer۔

The key components of qualifying for the practical typing test:

The essential factors that help in determining the average words per minute are:

  • Speed
  • Accuracy

Typing speed:

Typing Speed is an essential factor in the qualifying test. Type the more words you can type as quickly because speed enhances your overall typing score.

It is estimated that the average typing speed is 40-42 words per minute. But it also depends upon the typing method you are using. For a job that relies heavily on computer skills, such as an executive assistant, 60 words per minute is considered an average speed.

Regular practice makes you proficient in typing speed. You can practice right now by clicking on the field at the top of this page.

Typing accuracy:

Accuracy is considered more valuable as compared to speed. It can be defined as the percentage of the words you type correctly without errors from the given passage.

For example, if you write 90 words accurately from the 100-word passage, your accuracy will be 90%. Two aspects of accuracy are equally important.

  • Having a solid understanding of language, grammar, and spelling
  • Good motor skills for pressing the correct keyboard button

During typing tests, only words larger than five characters are considered words, so words smaller than five letters are excluded from calculating words per minute.

Passing score for practical typing test:

The score depends on the specific test and requirements. Words per minute are used to measure this score. The average word per minute is about 40 words per minute. But it varies from job position.

The 60- 80 words per minute is average. Since passing scores for each job are mentioned in their instruction, they must achieve that score at any cost.

How typing tests are used during the hiring process:

Particularly for companies where a large portion of the work is done through computers, typing tests become an essential part of the hiring process.

These tests are taken according to the required job. Some jobs demand more accuracy, while efficient time is crucial for others.

Some jobs require correct spelling and grammar, while others require numerical calculations.

How Can you Improve Your Typing Speed and Accuracy for these practical tests?

As you know, speed and accuracy are vital components of these qualifying typing tests. Hence, here are a few tips to help you improve both.

Keyboard Familiarity:

Speed and accuracy are mainly dependent on your keyboard knowledge. You try to learn the critical keyboard layout and all the tricky keys of the keyboard.

Hand and Finger Placement:

Using your hands and fingers can significantly affect your typing speed and accuracy. It enhances both and reduces typing errors, muscle fatigue, and strain.

Use Touch Typing:

The touch typing technique is considered the most accurate. Using all your ten fingers without looking over the keyboard gives you the most accurate typing speed and accuracy.

Tips To Pass The Qualifying Typing Test:

Here are some tips you should go through before taking a test.

  • Read the instructions for the test carefully.
  • Try to use all fingers of your hand.
  • Avoid looking at the keyboard; your focus should be on the monitor.
  • Before taking any test, do some practice tests online.
  • Consider sitting in a comfortable place.
  • Keep a steady Speed:
  • Check your work for errors.

Benefits of Taking a Practical Typing Test:

Here are the benefits you get from taking these tests.

1- Self Assessment:

You can measure your typing skills and identify areas for improvement by taking the test, which objectively measures your typing speed, accuracy, and proficiency.

2- Time Management:

These tests enhance your time management skills and help you in other affairs of life, too.


The typing test helps employers see how fast you can type. Practice a lot before the test to get used to the keyboard. These tests are essential for finding a job.

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