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Is Typing at 30 WPM Good? Clear Explanation

Two hands typing at a slow speed of 30 WPM on a desktop keyboard

WPM is the main tool for measuring typing speed. It shows how many words a person can type in a minute. It shows the average typing speed of a person.

30 WPM, according to the typing benchmark, comes in below-average typing speed. For adults, it is considered slow typing.

It's functional for casual browsing or basic tasks. However, for professional work, it can hinder your path to success.

Is 30 WPM good?

The answer depends on the purpose of your task. For basic skills, it's good enough. However, you must improve your typing skills to stay ahead in the job market.

According to the metrics, this speed falls in the below-average range. It can become a big hurdle to your career growth.

Special note: Typing accuracy is a vital skill during touch type. As long as your accuracy is 100% with 30 wpm typing speed as a beginner, you are doing well. Maintaining typing speed with accuracy simultaneously shows that, you have a splendid potential to take your touch typing skill to the next level.

So how can you ace the typing speed? Here are some tips:

Tips to Take Your Typing Speed from 30 WPM to Pro

It would be better to practice for at least two months if you want to improve your studying skills. Here are some helpful tips for your journey:

Test Your Existing Typing Speed:

Measure your current typing speed through online assessments. TypingMentor.com, 10fastfingers, and Nitro Type (Typing Games) can help you test your typing speed. You can now check your typing speed using the field at the top of this page.

Note down the number and check where it lies in the speed metrics. Once you know the speed, make a goal to improve it.

Make Progress:

It sounds fantastic to have 60 or 80 WPM. However, your goal should not be perfection but progress. It's crucial to focus on accuracy instead of speed.

Speed comes with practice and knowing the right techniques. Also, accurate typing is the key to fast speed, and it's also beneficial in the long run.

If your typing speed is high but full of errors, it will be of no use. So try to focus on accuracy and fewer errors, and your speed will automatically improve.

Learn the Art of Touch Typing:

Touch typing, or home row typing, is a technique that helps in knowing the key's layout. It aids in improving speed. The trick involves practicing typing without looking at the keyboard.

Mastering touch typing will let you type faster instead of hunting for the keys. It works on liming the hand movement and typing with all ten fingers.

In addition, the technique also teaches you to rest your fingers on the home row or close to it. This is a big factor that increases speed and accuracy.

Learn the Home Row Position

The middle row of a keyboard is called the home row. It consists of the alphabets A, S, and D on the left and L, K, and J on the right. It is the place where the fingers automatically come to rest while typing.

Mastering home row typing plays a crucial part in typing speed. To ace the technique, learn the home row of your keyboard. Then work on placing your fingers in a curved way in the middle row.

Some keyboards have tiny bumps on the keys of the middle row, which helps in identifying this row without looking at the keyboard.

Good posture works!

Many people deny this factor; however, it plays a main role in typing. A comfortable position with proper posture has a good impact on typing.

Make sure you invest in ergonomic furniture. It helps align your spine with the back of the seat, preventing backache and fatigue.

Moreover, never sit in the dark while typing, as it has a bad effect on your eyes. The right lighting and good posture are two crucial factors in fast typing.

Practice Regularly:

Everything is possible to achieve with practice. Make a routine of at least two hours daily and practice typing. You can perform mock tests, play a typing game, or join an online forum or community related to typing.

However, improving the speed will take time. Becoming a pro-typist will take at least two months of hard work and dedication even if it is for 10 minutes daily.

On a Final Note!

Is 30 WPM good? Not at all! This score lies below average, which means your typing speed is slow. It means you need to work more on your typing skills.

Fast typing opens the doors to success. For students, it helps them focus more on content and critical thinking.

For professionals, it is directly linked to increased productivity. It enables them to manage the workload efficiently.

The high typing speed helps you complete the tasks quickly. It also aids in efficient communication.

However, if the typing speed is slow, don't be disappointed. With practice and patience, you will be able to increase your typing speed in less time. Good Luck!

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