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Data Entry Assessment Test Sample: A Comprehensive Guide

Data entry is an essential skill used in many jobs nowadays. For jobs that require data entry, recruiters must measure the candidate's speed and accuracy before hiring because it affects how well things could done in the future.

For this purpose, data entry assessment tests are used. These tests save the recruiters time and play a crucial role in finding a well-deserved candidate for the right position.

In addition, data entry tests help employers check their candidates' overall progress. Let's examine what data entry test assessments are and why they are essential.

What is a data entry test?

Data entry assessments measure an individual's speed and accuracy when entering information into a computer. It usually involves typing a given text or piece of data into a computer program or software within a limited period of time.

Jobs That Require Data Entry Typing Assessment:

Various jobs require the data entry typing test:

  • Medical clerks,
  • Accountants
  • Admin assistants
  • Translator
  • Coders
  • Journalist
  • Management Consultant
  • Data entry clerk

Types Of Data Entry Assessments:

Entering data into a computer is considered a data entry task. Different jobs require different types of data entry. Here are some common types of data entry assessments.

Alphanumeric Data Entry Test:

The alphanumeric data entry test is about correctly typing a mix of letters and numbers. This includes names, addresses, zip codes, or product codes.

The test aims to check how fast and accurately you can enter the information.

Sample Task:

Enter the following information into the spreadsheet.

ID Number: 567432

Product Code: XYZ123

Customer Name: Smith

Phone Number:(111) 112-1234

Numerical Data Entry Test:

A numerical data entry test measures how well someone types numbers accurately and quickly. It checks their speed and accuracy in working with financial data, calculations, and statistics.

It is helpful for jobs requiring quick and accurate typing, like accounting and data analysis.

Sample Task:

Enter the following data into the sheet.

1.1 Sales for January: $123,679.70

1.2 Sales for Feburary: $457,345,67

1.3 Profit Margin: 33.5%

ID Data Entry Test:

An ID test entry involves typing personal details, such as names, ID numbers, or dates, into a computer system. This test checks how well someone can type this information accurately and quickly. It's necessary for jobs in areas like administration or database management.

Sample Task:

Enter the following information into a sheet.

ID: 123456

Name: Tim Johny

Date of Birth: 14/08/2004

Department: Marketing

Forms Data Entry Test:

A Form Data Entry Test is where you type information from forms into a computer system. This test checks how well you can accurately and quickly enter details like names, addresses, or numbers. This is important for jobs involving data management or administrative work.

Sample Task:

Full Name: Johson

Address: 1234 Street, Citytown, State

Zip Code: 44321

Phone Number:(111) 112-1234

Email: xyz123@gmail.com

Country: UK

Audio Data Entry Test:

An Audio Data Entry Test is where you listen to spoken information and write it down accurately. This measures how well you can transcribe spoken words into written text. It's important for jobs requiring transcription skills, such as interviews, dictations, or audio recordings.

Sample Task:

You will provide an audio file; after Listening to the audio clip, you have to write down the spoken words.

10-Key Data Entry Test:

The 10-Key Data Entry test is like typing numbers but a bit special. You can only use the numbers on the right side of the keyboard. It's a test where you need to quickly and accurately type in numbers using these specific keys. This test is often used when typing numbers rapidly and correctly is essential, like in money or data jobs.

Sample Task:

By using 10 numeric keys, enter the data in the sheet.

  • 567
  • 1245
  • 762

How do you practice and pass the Data Entry Test?

Here are some tips that help you in passing data entry assessments:

  • Take free typing tests online to improve your speed and accuracy.
  • To improve alphanumeric data entry skills, practice typing long numbers and letters.
  • Data entry tasks like entering information into spreadsheets or databases should be practiced.
  • Practice using the special number keys on the right side of the keyboard to type numbers. Getting used to these keys can help you type numbers faster and better.
  • You can prepare for the test by taking practice or mock exams.


Data entry tests may seem complex, but practice and a positive mindset can help. Being accurate is crucial for many jobs. Practice regularly and learn data formatting to improve.

Data entry skills are needed in many jobs, so doing well in the test can lead to job opportunities. Good luck!

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