Alphanumeric Data Entry: The Complete Understanding

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We've talked about typing and its importance in a remote setting comprehensively. Now, let's take a look at what remote job positions remote typists can work in. One such field that comes to mind is Data Entry. In the vast realm of this field, you have to be meticulous at all times. There are many forms of data entry. However, one for its widespread application stands out, that is Data Entry Alpha Numeric. I'll try to make sense of alphanumeric data entry for you in this blog post. So, read on, and you may find what you're looking for.

What is Alphanumeric Data Entry?

As the name suggests, alphanumeric data entry is the art of inputting alphabetic and numerical data. It is the vehicle that ensures the proper dropoff for both alphabetic and numeric data. Imagine filling out a form; you need to type in your residential address and your full name with a code. All of this involves both letters and numbers. Alphanumeric data entry ensures this information is captured accurately. Here are some samples

  • 123 Alpha Dr.
  • 456 Numeric Eve.
  • 789 Data Street.

The person entering this type of data must have high typing efficiency to prevent errors. If you want to learn how to pass an alphanumeric typing test, check out my article

-> Mastering Alphanumeric Typing Tests

Where is it used?

The application of this type of data entry spans various industries. Let's take the example of the healthcare industry. Doctors or nurses are often required to fill out patient records. Diverse data such as addresses, names, and medical codes are a few to be named. If the person entering the data is not proficient, the results can be catastrophic for the patient as well as the hospital. Some other industries where it is used are

  • Finance
  • Customer Support
  • IT etc.

Challenges and Solutions

It is easier to omit or misplace something when dealing with diverse data. Typists have to be more efficient. If you don't bring out your A-game every time, you are bound to make mistakes. Everyone knows no one can be on their best day in and day out. Even Michael Jordan had some bad days. But do not let this hold you back; you can take some measures to ensure no mistake goes unnoticed. Measures like double checking, validation processes, and using software designed to reduce typing mistakes.

Tips to Improve Alphanumeric Typing

Typing a combination of letters and numbers requires greater efficiency. You can improve this by following these tips

-> Use proper hand positioning

-> Practice Regularly (even if it is for 10 minutes only)

-> Memorize your keyboard

-> Do not let the mistakes go unnoticed

-> Use a number pad

One other factor that can help improve your typing skills is the type of keyboard you use. Ever wondered why typing on an iPhone feels so smooth and oddly satisfying than typing on an Android? It is because of the satisfying typing sound and the iPhone's haptic feedback. You can make typing on your computer just as satisfying or maybe even more by using the Macally Backlit Mechanical Keyboard.


What is data entry alphanumeric?

It is the data entry task that involves a combination of both letters and numbers—for example 123 Data Dr.

What is an example of an alphanumeric data type?

An example of this data type can be house or road addresses such as

  • 123 Alpha Dr.
  • 456 Numeric Eve.
  • 789 Data Street.

What is a good data entry alphanumeric score?

The minimum required alphanumeric test score is 8000 KPH with more than 95% accuracy. So, a score above 8000 KPH with 95% + accuracy is good.

What is an alphanumeric assessment?

It is a test to assess the typist's typing skills required for many clerical and administrative tasks.


Data entry alphanumeric is the typing of data that has both letters and numbers and sometimes special characters as well. However, it requires enhanced typing skills and efficiency. Some fields in which this skill is necessary are but not limited to Medical Science, Finance, IT, Customer Support, etc. You can polish your typing skills and score above 8000 KPH with more than 95% accuracy by following the tips given above. Another thing you can do is subscribe to the newsletter below and get the latest typing and productivity tips straight to your inbox.

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