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6 Tips To Improve Typing Speed for Call Center Typing Test

A call center employee is communicating with clients while taking typing test on her laptop

Are you considering starting your career with a call center firm? In a call center, effective communication is crucial, but proficient typing is also mandatory somewhere.

A call center typing test measures the candidate's typing speed and accuracy. In this article, we discuss how we can improve our typing skills for only call center job purposes.

Here are some tips and tricks to improve your typing speed for call centers.

1- Choose the right keyboard:

Choosing a suitable keyboard affects your typing speed. In old design keyboards, the keys get stuck, which affects your typing speed.

Various keyboard designs are available; choose a keyboard with larger keys, as it helps grip the keys well.

Regular practice keeps your grip on the keyboard and helps you remember it.

2- Arrangement of fingers on the keyboard:

How you use your fingers on the keyboard is also essential. Correctly placing fingers (Touch Typing) on the keyboard enhances your typing speed and accuracy and proves suitable for the user's fingers.

The following tips should be considered while typing:

  • Place your left-hand fingers except for the thumb on the keys "A, S, D, F." Left the space for key "G," then place your right-hand fingers on the keys "H, J, K, L." 
  • Use the thumb of both hands to press the space. Using this finger technique proves ideal for enhancing your typing speed.
  • In the case of numeric keys, keep left-hand fingers on 1,2, 3, 4, and 5 and right-hand fingers on the keys "6, 7, 8, 9, 0".
  • For an upper keyboard row, right-hand fingers should be on the "Q, W, E, R, T" keys while placing right-hand fingers on "Y, U, I, O, P." 

3- Keep your eye on the screen.

The major mistake many people must correct while typing is looking at the keyboard, which is considered bad. It will also slow down your speed.

You need to look at the screen and then start typing. In the beginning, you find this difficult, and it will also affect your speed and accuracy.

Keep practicing this trick; you will get command over this and be confident to type without looking at the keyboard.

4- Body Posture:

In a call center, the body posture of Touch Typing plays a crucial role in typing speed and accuracy. The back part of your body should be adequately supported. Place your shoulders in a comfortable position and keep them relaxed.

Don't place your wrist and palm on the desk while typing. Some people feel comfortable putting their wrists on the desk while typing.

It is essential to place your feet flat on the ground. Sit without crossing your legs because it makes your posture uncomfortable.

Position your keyboard at a height that is comfortable for you to use.

5- Regular Practice: 

You can be a master in anything by regular practice. Practice with consistency makes you an expert in typing in a call center.

Set a goal for yourself, such as practicing at least 10 minutes or half an hour daily. The more you practice, the quicker you get the result.

Don't practice the same paragraph daily. Use a different passage each day. Try to learn all the keyboard keys. You will get accurate results by using all tricks and with regular practice. You can practice right now by clicking on the field at the top of the table.

6-Online Typing Test: 

If you need to improve by practicing regularly, you can take an online test to check your speed and accuracy.

Many typing platforms offer free typing tests. You can use them and make your typing more efficient. You can work on your weak points and improve them by checking your progress report.

Benefits of improving typing skills for a call center:

Improving typing skills for call centers can lead to various benefits. Some of them are:

1- Increased Productivity: 

The candidate with fast and accurate typing skills deals with the customers' inquiries more efficiently and spends the minimum time on each call. So, It can increase the number of calls handled per agent by a certain percentage.

It can increase productivity and enhance the call center's overall performance.

2- Reduce Error Rates: 

Efficient typing skills reduce the number of errors made during the call. It results in fewer customer complaints and minimum error rates.

It not only improves customer satisfaction but also the call center's reputation.


Typing tests are the ultimate secret weapon for call center recruitment. In the search for outstanding call center employees, typing speed and accuracy are more important than ever.

The goal is not just to type quickly but to do so accurately, ensuring that customer interactions are handled appropriately.

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