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The Crucial Role of Typing in Remote Work and Telecommunication: Remote Work Stats 2024

Remote work changed millions of lives around the world, including mine. In this blog post, I'll explain how remote work and typing helped me. For those who are alien to the concept of remote work, remote work is the work you do from anywhere you want. It can be from the comfort of your home, your favorite cafe, or a park if you like. I personally have a workspace set up in my home. And many remote workers do, too.
I'll explain how typing helped me make my first remote income. I'll explain the benefits of remote work and the role of typing in it. You'll also get some tips to improve your typing skills. I'll also try figuring out why there has been an upward shift in remote jobs post-COVID.
So, bear with me and read on as I wander through the world of remote work and typing.

Remote Work Stats in 2024

Before going into the details of why or how remote work is helpful, let's look at the stats and figure out why remote work is in demand more than ever.
Covid was a blessing in disguise for me. Ever since college, I knew I was not suited for a 9-5 office job. Similar is the case for many around the world. There has been a gradual increase in remote work even after the pandemic. Let's take a look at some statistics;

  • 12.7% of full-time employees worked remotely, while 28.2% worked on a hybrid model in 2023.
  • 32.6 million Americans will work remotely by 2025, according to Upwork. This equates to 22% of the total workforce. Only 13% worked fully remote as of August 2023.
  • 98% of employees want to work remotely at times.
  • A staggering 93% of employers are willing to conduct job interviews remotely.
  • 16% of companies are fully remote, working without a physical office.
  • 57% of workers said they would look for a new job if their company didn't allow remote work.
  • Surprisingly, 32% of employees were ready for a pay cut if allowed to work remotely.

The following industries are set to offer the most remote jobs in 2024

  • IT and Computer
  • Marketing
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Project Management
  • Medical and Health
  • HR and Recruiting
  • Customer Service

In 2022, the following were the most common remote job postings

  • Accountant
  • Executive Assistant
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Senior Financial Analyst
  • Recruiter
  • Project Manager
  • Technical Writer
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Graphic Designer

If you call Walmart customer support, I know for a fact that you're probably talking to someone in South Asia.

Remote Work Benefits

There are many benefits to remote work. Everyone has their favorite; here are my top 10

A woman working remotely without worrying about leaving her kid to daycare
  1. As I said earlier, I always knew 9-5 office-based jobs were not for me. So, the number one benefit for me is the ability to work from anywhere I want. This has been a lifesaver for me. Even though I have a workplace set at home, I still enjoy working from my favorite coffee place from time to time. This allows me to tap into my creative side whenever I feel low.
  2. I like to set my own rules. So, the second benefit for me will be the ability to set my own schedule. This allows me to run some errands in the morning, take a few classes, and finally work when my mind is entirely free.
  3. The third benefit is directly related to the second. Since, flexible timing allows me to free my mind. It then helps increase my productivity. I can focus entirely on the task at hand, completing it with utmost efficiency.
  4. Remote work has enabled me to save time and money. No more office commute being a major factor. No commute means no more time consumed going to and from the office. It also means less spent on gas. Ultimately, more savings and time for me.
  5. I have developed some good habits thanks to remote work. Habits like being more responsible. Following a time table and reading more books. All this keeps my motivation meter charged. It is also the fifth benefit.
  6. The sixth benefit of working remotely is being able to prioritize your well-being. No stress of running late or waking up early. You can take a break in between work. This can help you work effectively. You can go for a walk around the block or grab a meal to recharge for the rest of the day.
  7. My friends always complain about office politics and how it impacts their work. Luckily, I don't have to worry about what others working in the office say or think about me. This is the seventh benefit of remote work.
  8. Setting up your own workspace is the eighth benefit. You can set it up in the kitchen, dining room, or even in the bedroom. Wear shorts and T-shirts. Keep your favorite action figure at your desk. Set the lighting how you like. Play music while working or light a scented candle if you want.
  9. A healthy work-life balance is a luxury that not everyone can enjoy. Luckily, that's different for remote workers. Remote workers can enjoy this luxury by creating a work schedule around their commitments. You can enjoy time with your loved ones without worrying about work. You can manage your workload and change your schedule to what works best for you. A healthy work-life balance is the ninth benefit for me.
  10. Lastly, this allows you to contribute towards the greater good. By working remotely, you commute less, resulting in less carbon emissions. By not using commercial office spaces, you consume less energy. This also means less consumption of paper and water. In short, remote work promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle. This has a butterfly effect and can impact positively on a much larger scale.

Remote work is only possible with discipline. And if you lack discipline, remote work is not for you.

Challenges I Faced as a Remote Worker

Now that benefits are out of the way. Let's talk about the potential drawbacks. This is where discipline comes in. In my early days as a remote worker, I often got overwhelmed by work. I was staying up late, getting up late, not feeling well, and definitely not working well. It was always that one paragraph that I had to write. Or a draft that was just about complete. It was only a few months later I realized what was wrong.
I didn't have any set schedule to follow. Nor did I have a dedicated workspace. This is when I started taking remote work seriously. It dawned upon me that it was the kind of work I had always wanted. And now that I have it, I'm not giving my 100% to it. I was not just letting it all go down the drain. So, I decided to take control. I disciplined myself and created a schedule to follow. Next, I set up a dedicated workspace in my living room. Even started reading. Now, I had control over my entire day. Meaning, there were no restless days or sleepless nights. I was now able to enjoy the freedom that remote work offered.

To any remote workers reading this. Be disciplined; it is the key to your freedom.

Why is Typing important for Remote Work?

There has been a paradigm shift towards technology. Luckily for Zillenials (people born in the late 90s till 2000), we've grown up with technology advancing around us. This has solidified the importance of typing and accuracy in our minds. This is doubly true for remote workers. Employers understand that employee typing proficiency can significantly impact a company's success and competitiveness. And given the upward trend in remote jobs, typing accuracy has become more critical than ever. It'll continue to be so as long as remote work is a thing. Let's dive deeper and figure out why typing is a crucial attribute for remote work.

The Need for Typing Proficiency

We are now living in a digitalized world. Majority of the tasks involve the use of a keyboard. From data entry to drafting emails to interacting with various online platforms, typing is necessary. You can only work remotely with proper typing skills. Or else others competing for the same job will leave you in the dust.

Enhanced Productivity

Typists with command over their skills can get work done quickly and more efficiently. This is what recruiters are looking for. If you're looking for a remote typing job, you'll probably have to take a typing test. And if you do not meet the requirements, you can kiss your dream remote job goodbye. Because this is the reality we're living in. Only consider yourself the best if you've achieved the goals you set. Otherwise, you're in for a bumpy ride to reality.

Effective Communication and Collaboration

Enhanced typing skills allow for effective communication. And effective communication is the heart of a remote job. If you can type quickly, you can articulate your messages properly in real-time. Resulting in effective collaborations, enhanced teamwork, and overall improved productivity. It'll also help you stand above the rest and position you as a team leader.


As we established earlier, the accounting and medical industries are among the top industries in 2024 for remote jobs. Both these industries require accuracy. Accuracy is only possible with enhanced typing skills. With just one slight typing error, millions can be lost, or even worse, someone's life may be endangered.

Enhanced typing skills or Touch-Typing can increase your accuracy and decrease the risk of a typing error. To learn more about touch typing, read my guide

-> Touch Typing Basics: A Beginners Guide


Not too long ago, we were using brick phones and radios. Then, smartphones were a thing all of a sudden. Next thing we know, Radios, MP3s, and iPods were a thing of the past. Things that we thought were essential for our day-to-day lives. Technology is advancing at an even rapid pace now. New typing technologies and software are being developed. Now, you don't want to be left behind, do you?
That is why honing your typing skills to match the industry requirements is absolutely crucial. Always keep a look out at the incoming trends. This will keep you a step ahead of others.
Other important aspects of typing in remote work are but not limited to multitasking, customer service response time, and workload management.

Enhancing Your Typing Skills

There are many free and paid typing software that can help enhance your typing skills. Typing Mentor, being one of the finest free typing web tools, offers more than 50 unique typing lessons to learn from. If you want a list of best typing software and tools for 2024, check out my article

-> 9 Best Typing Software and Tools of 2024

How Typing affects Telecommuting

Telecommuting is an arrangement between the employee and the employer where the employee has the option to work from home or anywhere he wants. Occasional on-site presence is required for telecommuting. So, it is more like a hybrid model rather than a remote. Typing holds the same value in telecommuting as it does in remote work. Just like any other industry, telecommuting has become quite competitive. You have to enhance your skills to meet the industry requirements continuously. If you can type quickly and effectively and enhance productivity, then you are a perfect match for this industry. But that is not all; you have to outperform and outshine your competition.
Apart from that, you are required to maintain effective communication time in real time. It is only possible when you can type quickly and efficiently. Effective documentation is another part of this industry. Only those with enhanced typing skills can survive and perform in this industry. Furthermore, telecommuting demands effective time management. Only those efficient in typing can fulfill this requirement. So, if you want to be successful in telecommuting, you better be ready to move your fingers precisely and effectively.
Now that we have established the importance of typing for both remote work and telecommuting. Let's move on to some expert tips and tricks to improve your typing skills.

Tips To Improve Your Typing Skills in 2024

Finger nails and keys painted in the same color according to proper finger placement for typing

After half a decade of experience doing remote work in the typing industry, here are some tips I wish I knew when I was starting;

  • Never consider yourself to be the best (typist) until you've achieved your current goals.
  • Always work towards enhancing your typing skills.
  • Use typing software like Typing Mentor to polish your skills.
  • There are many online typing courses and tutors available to assist with your typing needs.

Read my article for Pro tips on how to choose the best typing course or tutor according to your needs

-> Pro Tips To Choose The Right Typing Courses and Tutors

  • Forget about the hunt-and-peck method. Start learning Touch Typing. Touch typing is a method of typing without even looking at the keyboard.

Consider reading my in-depth touch typing guide to know the nitty and gritty of the method.

-> Touch Typing 101: A Beginners Guide To Type Faster Than Ever

  • Always set your workspace ergonomically. What it means is that you should always be sitting with your back straight. Your thighs must be parallel to the ground. Elbows must always be close to your body, and wrists should have some support. Preferably wear wrist support to avoid wrist pain from typing.
  • If you're starting your journey as a typist, do not focus on speed. Focus on efficiency first. Because once you develop bad typing habits, it is very hard to get rid of them.
  • Learning touch typing is all about muscle memory. Allow your muscle memory to develop; practice every day for at least 10-20 minutes. Once you get the hang of it, learning touch typing becomes easier. Do not rush!


What is remote typing?

Remote typing is a typing job that you can do from your home or anywhere you like. It can be transcribing audio or video files or doing data entry work.

Can you work from home as a typist?

Yes, you can. Just like any other remote job you can enjoy working from the comfort of your home as a typist. Although the responsibilities may vary depending on the industry you work in.

What is a good typing speed for work from home jobs?

The average typing speed for typing jobs is 40-60 WPM. But it is significantly higher for data entry and transcription jobs, around 60-90 WPM.

Do Employers care about typing speed?

Yes, employers are always on the lookout for typists that have high typing speeds. As it can help improve their productivity and competitiveness. This is doubly true for remote jobs.


As a remote worker with half a decade of experience in the typing industry, I shared with you some challenges that I faced as a remote worker. We also delved down the stat route to understand why remote work is gradually increasing even after the pandemic. We also looked at the trends for remote work in 2024. I listed out the top industries for remote work in 2024, along with some of the most common job postings in the previous years. We also looked at why typing is important for remote work and how it affects telecommunication. Last but not least, I shared with you some tips and tricks that you can use to enhance your typing skills in 2024.

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