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Typing Stories for Practice: Improve Your Typing Skills

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You want to improve your typing speed and accuracy but are bored while typing random paragraphs or phrases. Typing Mentor came up with a solution by which you not only improve your typing skills but find it entertaining, too.

Efficient typing skills are in demand in this modern era. The best and most engaging way to improve your typing skills is by using typing stories for practice.

Typing stories is fun; you must type stories from classic literature, news articles, or other exciting sources. By typing stories, you can also monitor your typing speed and accuracy.

Where can you practice typing stories?

Are you worried about that? How can you practice typing these stories to enhance your speed and accuracy? Some apps and websites are specially designed to make your typing skills more efficient.

5 websites where you can practice typing stories:

Here are five websites you can use to improve your typing skills while immersing yourself in storytelling:

1- TypingLit.io

The typingLit.io website provides a variety of classic fairy tale stories that you can use to practice your typing skills. The stories have different difficulty levels, making finding one that suits your skill level easy.

A user-friendly format makes it easy to read the stories. The best thing about this website is that you can track your progress and improve your weak points.

Google Chrome is an ideal browser for TypeLit.io, but it also works with most modern browsers.


2- TypingClub:

The Typingclub websites cover almost 600 typing lessons, including typing stories. This website offers a well-organized learning program that is suitable for all typists.

The website provides a customizable practice mode, tracking progress, and a game mode to make typing practice more enjoyable. A typing club is an excellent choice for those who want to improve their typing skills.

Edclub is one of their sister concerns. You can access various lessons and stories to practice your touch typing.

3- Typing Mentor:

Typing Mentor gives free typing lessons with stories, too. Everything can be set up according to the teacher's preference for a lesson. The level of difficulty of your typing is up to you. If you want to get good at typing.

Typing Mentor's feedback and stats are super helpful. It's easy to use and makes you faster and more accurate!

4- Peters Online Typing Course:

The website offers typing exercises, lessons, and stories on various topics. The website provides a personalized learning experience according to your skill level and learning goals.

You can track your progress as you improve your typing skills. You can use this website free of cost on mobile and desktop.

5- The Practice Test:

This website offers a variety of exercises, typing stories, and literature to enhance your typing skills. It is suitable for all levels and is available in English languages.

You can use The Practice Test site on a desktop computer, or tablet. The company offers free practice.

List of Apps for practice typing stories for:

Here are the most reliable apps to improve your speed and accuracy.

1- TapTyping - Typing Trainer

  • Specific design for touch typing
  • Offer various typing stories and lessons
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Real-time feedback
  • Available on IOS

2- Typing Fingers:

  • Fun and engaging interface
  • Provide games lessons and stories for improvement
  • Available on both Android and IOS
  • Suitable for all ages

3- Typing Master:

  • Offer lessons and games
  • Focus on speed and accuracy
  • Allow you to track your progress
  • Available on Android and IOS

4- Typewise Keyboard:

  • It has a customizable keyboard layout that helps you type faster.
  • The QWERTY layout has been replaced with a more modern layout.
  • It improves speed and reduces typing errors.
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Support both Android and IOS

5- Touch Typing Studying:

  • User-friendly feedback
  • Visual adds for finger placement
  • Track your progress
  • Typing games for an engaging experience
  • Provide feedback on speed and accuracy


Typing stories practice is a crucial tool to enhance your speed and accuracy. Typing stories improves your typing skills and benefits your fingers and muscle memory.

You can use many free online websites to practice typing these stories. So why try it and see how much your typing speed improves?

Different stories make typing practice enjoyable and exciting. Practice with a variety of tales to learn and improve at the same time.

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