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Typing Practice Words: Maximize Your Typing Skill (200+ Words Included)

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In today's technological era, the mode of communication is mostly online. Be it a text to your friend, a business email, or an event invitation, everything is online and digitized. It has enhanced the need for professional typists. Though clear and concise typing is the need of the day, most people still ignore the strategies that help them become fast and accurate typists. Mastering the art of typing includes various factors, of which the most important is practicing typing words. It is not simple words typed on the screen but a combination of different words and symbols that are designed for different difficulty levels to boost a person's typing and make it more accurate.

Why typing practice words?

The typing practice words go beyond simple words but are a combination of different words chosen to enhance the typing skills of a person. The words can depend on different skill levels, including:

Beginner Level

It is the basic stage of typing and includes simple typing words such as "on', "off," 'the, "and," etc. It is the level where the person is learning about the keyboard, finger placement, and the key's location.


This level consists of typing small sentences, common words, or names. It also includes typing letters and symbols.


This stage is for pro-typists or those working for professional skills. It includes complex words, a mix of letters, symbols, punctuation, and words. It also includes technical terms and advanced-level vocabulary.

What is the purpose of the practice words?

The typing practice words are a type of customized typing practice that increases typing speed and efficiency. Here is why they are more crucial for professional growth:

Letter Focused

For those who face challenges in certain letters or technical vocabulary typing, practicing words can overcome their fear. It helps you choose words with more challenging and tough spelling and work on them.


The practice words emphasize more prepositions, punctuation, conjunctions, and symbols, hence aiding in your typing speed enhancement and accuracy.


The typing practice words help you practice words with similar pronunciation and different spellings, hence improving the accuracy rate and letting you identify the right word even by listening to it.

Advanced Typing Practice Strategies

Typing practice words are the breadcrumbs that will take you to the destination of a pro-typist. It is the pathway to becoming a fast and proficient typist. Besides the basic level of word typing, here are some advanced practice strategies that will be more beneficial in your journey. Let's take a dig:

Punctuation Practice

Punctuation is the lifesaver in a sentence. They take the communication in the right direction. Knowing the proper punctuation makes your typing process smooth and fast. Practicing punctuation symbols enhances fluency and lets you type more proficiently.

Timed Exercises

Challenge yourself by measuring your WPM. Set a time frame and type specific words or a paragraph at the designated time. To make it more challenging, choose a paragraph with letters, symbols, and more technical vocabulary. It will work on your typing speed and accuracy. You can check your typing speed WPM by using the field at the top of this page.

Touch Typing Technique

This is the most popular typing technique that helps increase typing speed. It involves parting words while looking at the screen and not the keyboard. The technique is also known as touch typing.

Online typing games

Typing games have made typing practice fun. Many online platforms have introduced games with different difficulty levels, which you can choose according to your skill. Practicing these games will help you enjoy the typing practice and become a fast typist without getting bored.

Best Resources for Typing Practice Words

Though typing practice words are simple and easy to find, the right resources will help you practice specific techniques that are crucial for your typing journey. Here are some of the best resources for typing practice words:

  • Online platforms and gaming sites that offer interactive lessons and customized typing game options. One good online software for this purpose is TypingMentor.com
  • Word processing software like Microsoft Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, or Google Docs.
  • Mobile apps are specifically designed to enhance typing speed and accuracy.

On a Final Note!

Typing practice words play as the building blocks of becoming a professional typist. It enhances your speed, accuracy, and fluency. The words chosen for typing vary depending on the person's skills and abilities. Many online platforms also offer customization options for the practice words, so a candidate can easily craft the practice according to their convenience. A mix of different category words and difficulty levels will boost your speed and accuracy in no time, and you can be a good typist with a zero error rate. So, get your list of words and start practicing. Make sure to enjoy the process and make it fun! Good Luck!

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