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The Truth About Typical Typing Speed

In this digital era, most of the communication is online, which has raised focus on fast typing. It has become the most-hyped skill that is always in the limelight and everyone talks about it. These days it has become a key factor in analyzing the productivity and efficiency of a person. Everyone talks about superhuman typing skills and how they aid in improving workplace productivity and also how they help in managing tasks more efficiently. However, the fact is not what people are saying. You can never measure the professionalism or productivity of a person only for their fast typing. No wonder it aids in many stages of online communication and task performance, still a person can never rely solely on fast typing speed. That’s why we are here today to unveil some of the most common myths about the typical typing speed and how they are separate from the facts. So let's get started!

Myth#1: You Must be Able to Type 100 WPM

It has become a most-hyped discussion that the typing speed for a job that involves typing should be 100 WPM. The fact is no matter how fast a person can type, only a few exceptional persons with superpower abilities can type 100 words in a minute. Experts say the average typing speed for a pro typist is 40-50 WPM. Though regular practice can increase the speed, it can barely reach 70 WPM. If you are interested in reading more about the fastest typing speeds, check out my article;

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Myth#2: Slow Typing Means Lack of Productivity

Nowadays most recruitment agencies focus on fast typing and avoid other skills, which is not the correct way of hiring. You can never judge a person’s professionalism and productivity only for his typing speed. Most of the time many highly skilled persons are slow typists which doesn't mean they are not good at work. Fast typing can be a star in your medal but not the sole factor of productivity.

Myth#3: Typing is a Godgifted Talent

Number three on our list is that fast typing is a God-given talent and it can't be improved. Some people are indeed pro typists but it doesn't mean they are born with the skill but because they are used to the laptops and computers from childhood. There is no age limit for improving your typing skills and online platforms are always available to help you in the process. With consistency and practice, a person with zero knowledge of computers can also become a proficient typist. You can use the field at the top of this page to practice your typing skills.

Myth#4: Fast Typing is Always Better

Who says perform quickly but make it full of errors? Probably, no one! Fast typing is not a skill unless and until you know how to type accurately. In the field of technology, accuracy is more emphasized than fast typing speed. If you write accurately with less error rate, your work will be more engaging and professional. So instead of working on your typing speed, focus on making it accurate.

Myth#5: Typing is the Basic Skill for Jobs

We know the World is moving towards digitalization and business communication is online. However, it doesn't mean ignoring other skills and focusing solely on typing. For some jobs, it's a necessity but for most, it's just an extra skill that can add a few points to your resume. So while working on your typing proficiency, also work on other skills!

On a Final Note!

Never fall for the trap of focusing on fast typing speed only, in fact, work more on accuracy and error-free typing. Never let anyone judge your skills on the typical typing speed but emphasize more on increasing your technical skills and proficiency. We are not saying typing speed is not necessary, but it is not the only factor for analyzing a person's productivity and efficiency. The typical typing speed of an average person is far lower than what we hear on social media. So instead of making your typing fast, work more on accuracy and celebrate every small improvement. If you are slow at typing, never worry, your proficiency and accuracy will conquer this weakness. What others are always interested in is accuracy and engagement in your writing no matter how much time you take to write it. We hope uncovering the above myths will help you in sourcing your way towards ACCURACY not typical typing speed.

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