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Is 60 WPM A Good Typing Speed? - Expert Opinion

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Do you ever think about how your typing speed affects your career and daily life? In today's digital world, efficient typing skills can significantly improve typing speed, efficiency, and productivity.

Proficient typing skills are crucial in various professions, such as administrative work, content creation, and programming. Most people want to know "What is considered a good typing speed."

This article aims to determine whether 60 words per minute (WPM) is a good typing speed. You can also check your typing speed using the field at the top.

Understanding the Typing Speed Metrics:

Before discussing 60 WPM as a good typing speed, let's understand the primary metrics used to measure the typing speed.

Words Per Minute(WPM):

The number of words typed in one minute is measured in words per minute. It is the most common metric used to measure WPM; typically, the higher the words per minute, the faster the typing speed.

When discussing the WPM, It is essential to consider both the accuracy and typing speed. The key to becoming a proficient typist is maintaining accuracy while maintaining a high WPM.

The total number of words typed is divided by 5 to determine the Words Per Minute (WPM) in typing speed tests.

Characters Per Minute(CPM):

The characters per minute metric is considered more accurate because, in CPM, only the correctly typed words are used to measure the typing speed.

It is important to note that CPM refers to the number of characters you type in one minute, including errors. Only correctly typed words are counted when calculating the number of words typed per minute (WPM). The standard WPM measuring method includes dividing the corrected CPM by 5.

Is 60 WPM a Good Typing Speed?

In a typing test, 60 words per minute(WPM) is a good typing speed. It's because it's faster than the average typing speed of most people, which is usually around 40 words per minute.

At 60 WPM, you can type articles, emails, or reports efficiently and accurately. However, whether 60 WPM is a good typing speed also depends on the specific requirements of the profession, such as in the medical or legal field; the required typing is 70 or 80 words per minute.

For general office work, typing 60 words per minute is considered good. You can increase your typing speed by regular practice and online typing tests.

How to Double or Triple Your Typing Speed:

60 WPM is a good typing speed, but you can improve your typing speed to 100 WPM or more and increase the chance of getting more work done in less time.

Proper Typing Techniques is a key:

Proper use of typing techniques is crucial for enhancing your typing speed. Most people are unfamiliar with these typing techniques and type according to their choice, so they need help to achieve average typing speed.

Hunt and peck typing are suitable for getting a job done, but if you want to enhance your typing speed more, you'll have to use a much better technique.

Remember that you cannot compromise accuracy for faster typing because accuracy is vital in increasing your typing speed.

Finger Placement:

In proper typing techniques, learning to type with all fingers significantly affects your typing speed. Understand the position of each finger on a specific key and practice regularly to increase your speed. Typing with all fingers is also known as touch typing.

In touch typing, you have to type without looking at the keyboard. Familiar yourself with the home row and practice typing these keys without looking at the keys.

Home Row:

You should start learning to type from the keyboard's home row, which is the most used row. The keyboard's middle row contains the letters A, S, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, and (;).
Place your middle fingers on the keys D and K, while your index fingers should be on the keys F and J. The ring fingers press the keys S and L while the pinky fingers should rest on the keys A and (;).

Why Typing Techniques Matters?

The purpose of learning proper typing techniques is to enhance your speed and accuracy significantly. In proper finger placement, each key presses a specific word; it reduces finger movement, saves time, increases productivity, and protects your fingers from strain.


So, is 60 WPM good? - The answer is Yes, technically but it is essential to consider the requirements of a professional. Many people ignore accuracy to achieve good typing speed, but it is noted that accuracy is more important than speed. You don't sacrifice the accuracy for speed.

You can get your desired typing speed by using the proper typing techniques and regularly practicing. So why are you waiting? Start practicing today!

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