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How to Type With Long Nails

A woman, having long nails, typing something on her laptop

You might find some activities a little hard when you have long nails. Among them is the practice of typing with long nails. You've come to the right place if you want tips on how to type with long nails without difficulty. This article will provide real-world tips to help you type comfortably with long nails.

You can increase your typing speed by utilizing even fake acrylic nails if you know a few tricks. With long nails, the best strategy is to increase your keypress accuracy, especially when typing slowly. As a result, you'll type more efficiently and accurately with long nails. Using flat, oval nails instead of pointed nails will simplify typing on the keyboard. Let us now examine how to type with long nails in more detail.

Typing With Long Nails: What To Watch For

The following are some common nail problems you might want to avoid. When you know what they are, avoiding them is easier, which will make your nails healthier. You'll want to avoid these problems when you type with long nails. Such as:

Nail Damage

If you use poor typing practices, your nails might suffer from scratches that require repair. You should avoid dragging the nails over the keys because doing so might result in injuries and damage. You run the risk of scratching or breaking your nails if the nails get stuck between the keys. Your nails will stay healthy and strong if you follow the right nail-typing practices.

Nails Getting Caught

When you type with long fingernails, it is common for them to get stuck or hung up with the keys. It makes typing difficult and, if the nails break or fall off, could cause pain or harm. If you change your typing style, you'll have a much greater chance of not getting your claws caught between the keys.


Learning to type with long nails could make you fall back on your current typing abilities. The result is inaccurate typing and annoyance, leading to more work, as you must fix any mistakes made. When writing, it is more important to concentrate on typing the words accurately rather than rushing.

An Woman typing with Long Nail

How to Type with Long Nails

The digital world makes it hard to stay away from smartphones and laptops. Making to-do lists, sending emails, and finding information using our cell phones and laptops are essential.

You must have trouble typing on desktops and smartphones if you have long nails. A long nail can also make typing difficult for you if you are a programmer or content writer. The following tips may help you maintain your beautiful long nails even if you work mainly on typing.

Choosing the Right Nails

There are plenty of different nail shapes and styles to choose from when getting a manicure, and certain styles make typing easier than others. Despite their similar lengths, nails with rounded edges are easier to type than nails with sharp edges, such as ballerinas, stilettos, or coffins.

You can style and customize your nails in a variety of ways. The shape is only one of those options. You should pick nails that suit your typing needs and look for decals, colors, and styles that are true to you. If you want to type swiftly and precisely, select the appropriate form and size of long nails. Potential options include:


These might be the best option if you don't have excellent typing skills. Because of their close resemblance to your natural shape, they are more comfortable to wear.


It is the most common nail you see: long, pointed nails. Due to their narrow width, you won't accidentally hit the wrong key when typing.


This type of nail has a tapering shape that makes typing challenging. As the nail have wide sides, you should only choose them if you are an expert at how to type long with long nails.


You'll need to alter your typing technique because these nails are wider and somewhat more difficult to control while typing on the keyboard. But if you eventually want to transition to huge, bold forms, they are a good choice.


You should avoid these nails if you want to type quickly and properly. These nails are wide in addition to being long, so you will probably make mistakes and slow down as a result.

Different types of long nails

Use The Pads of Your Finger Instead of Your Fingertips

The most common way we type is with our fingertips. If your fingernails are long, using your fingertips will end. Your long nails make it impossible to use your fingertips smoothly.

Every time you use your fingertips, you'll notice the length of your nails. You will therefore have a greater risk of breaking your long nails. Instead of using your fingertips, use long nails to type with different patterns. And it is using your fingerpads to type.

Your nails won't strike the keys on the above row if you position your fingers horizontally relative to the keyboard. Long nails will also make typing a pleasure for you in this case. While this typing rhythm may be challenging at first, you'll get the hang of it with practice. You get better at everything if you practice.

Choosing the Right Gear

QWERTY keyboards are unquestionably the most popular right now, but they're not the only ones. Relearning to type with long nails might require a keyboard that lets you go slowly and protects your nails, wrists, and hands.

The first thing you should do is check the keyboard for comfort. A good ergonomic design will complement your natural hand positioning.

Furthermore, the keys should be spaced apart to prevent incorrect keystrokes and mistakes. Lastly, consider the keyboard's keys.

Rubber dome keys provide a smoother typing experience, while mechanical keys are more accurate and durable. Finding a keyboard that helps you type accurately and feels natural to you is ultimately best.

There are many keyboard alternatives, like shorthand keyboards, keyboards that prevent carpal tunnel, and more. Compare your options to find the best keyboard and equipment for your typing needs.

Pianist-Like Typing

While practicing your typing abilities, imagine yourself as a pianist. You may move your fingertips a lot when typing, but pianists' fingers are more flexible and softer than ours. When concentrating on your fingers' flexibility, keep your hands as still as possible. If you don't move your hands and fingers much, your nails have less chance of catching.

Observe Proper Posture

Maintaining a good posture while typing is key because slouching or leaning forward can cause back, neck, and shoulder pain. The situation is different if you're learning to write with long nails. Maintain a parallel relationship between your hands and the keyboard when you practice typing. With this, you can type with the pad of your finger instead of the tip.

Sit straight and keep good posture, and you'll have a lot easier time keeping this parallel position. No matter your nail's length, anyone who spends most of their time on the computer benefits from proper posture.

Use Typing Mate to Type

Keeping long nails from slipping and getting caught on your keyboard may require a typing mate. The Typing-Mate is a nail cap designed for females who have long fingernails and need to use a keyboard effectively.

These nail caps are available in a set and compatible with natural or acrylic nails. With this, you will not have to worry about your nails slipping around and getting caught on the keyboard. It only takes a few seconds to get started: place the cap on top of your nail. It will make typing more comfortable and protect your nails from breaking.

Don't be Harsh With your Touch

Additionally, you should ensure that your typing lightly touches the keyboard. Short nails make typing faster, so we often don't realize how rough we are on the keys. When typing with long nails, a careful touch is necessary. It'll increase your consistency and protect your nails from catching on the keyboard or hitting it when you type.

Focus on What Matters

When learning how to type with long nails on the keyboard, you can commonly mistake trying to match your previous speed and proficiency. The long nails may prevent you from typing as fast as you can. You may find it extremely annoying if your word count per minute drops.

When typing with long nails, it's important to retrain your skills and choose accuracy over speed, especially at the beginning. If you can get all the words down on paper quickly, it's great, but if you have to fix everything later, it isn't easy.

You should always focus on learning the right letters. Starting with maintaining the course will increase your confidence and speed.

A person is relaxing

Get Some Rest

When you're typing, take breaks whenever you can. As a result, it will help you maintain attention at work, keep your posture healthy, and protect your neck, back, and wrists.

Learning to type from scratch requires time and effort, so taking breaks is especially useful since you frequently want to gauge your progress. When you take breaks, you will have the chance to type more slowly and concentrate on doing it correctly.

Go at Your Own Pace

Often, typing is a skill that comes naturally when you follow a specific strategy when you're young. Changing your skill set is not something you can accomplish in one day.

There was no way around it. You'll need time to learn how to type with new long nails, especially if you want it to be accurate. Gaining completely new knowledge and experience will help you greatly in the future.

Especially when typing, you should take your time. Feeling frustrated or facing obstacles may be due to learning a completely new talent you don't intuitively know. You can accomplish these goals more quickly by slowing down while typing and concentrating on the correct letters.

A man practicing touch typing

Practice Typing

You learn to type with long nails by practicing and applying your skills. Keep good posture, use your finger pads, protect your wrists, and frequently pause when practicing. By practicing touch typing, you'll become more confident and able to type more quickly and accurately as your confidence grows.

How do You Type Fast with Long Nails?

In addition to learning how to type with long nails, you might have been interested in fast typing. It is not a good idea to concentrate on typing speed during those early stages of learning. You will develop speed over time, not instantaneously. Therefore, typing accuracy is more important than speed, so it might be a good idea to concentrate on it.

The same is true for young children who learn how to write a letter for the first time. It is extremely important. Can you recall switching from the ABC keypad to the QWERTY keyboard? Your focus was on finding the right key rather than how fast you type.

Become familiar with the above-mentioned new typing pattern to maintain high precision while typing with long nails. The first thing you should do is make sure you're pressing the right key. Make the necessary changes if it does not happen.

Typing Mentor is providing various high-quality and effective typing lessons for users so that they can practice touch typing and develop their typing skills in a mannered way. Grab your desired lessons and practice more.

Slowly and steadily, you will develop speed and accuracy. When you keep typing mistakes, you'll have to go back and fix them. Furthermore, a single task takes a significant amount of time.

Typing with long nail

How to Type With Long Nails on Smartphone

The use of smartphones is common in our daily lives. The simplicity of mobile devices makes them far more convenient for communicating than laptops or computers. Additionally, we use them primarily to launch apps and send messages.

There's a chance you'll open the wrong app when you try to open a specific app. Furthermore, selecting the wrong emoji over and over could drive you crazy. But don't worry, as you've already read, you deserve some reliable solutions!

You can type with long nails on your smartphone without difficulties using the guidelines below.

Take a Different Approach to Hold Your Smartphone

Often, people type on their phones with their thumbs while holding them in one hand. Most people hold the phone in both hands and type with both thumbs.

Many people hold their phones in one hand while typing in the opposite hand with their index finger. Some ladies also type with their index fingers while resting their phones on surfaces.

You're better off switching to the two options for efficient mobile typing with long nails. Using your index finger can make you feel more relaxed and help you make fewer mistakes. You're going to make a lot of mistakes with the first two options.

It's common for thumbs to be wider than other fingers and phone keyboards to be quite small. You will have difficulty typing with your thumbs because of your lengthy nails.

A smart phone with stylus

Make Use of a Stylus Pen

When typing on a smartphone with long nails, using a stylus pen will provide you with more comfort and remove that persistent thought about how to type with long nails.

Using a stylus pen when typing on a mobile device with long nails is undoubtedly best. You won't risk breaking your nails or misusing a finger.

Stylus pens provide significantly higher levels of precision than index fingers and thumbs. To top it off, it feels like writing with a normal pen.

You can get a stylus pen that's brand-specific to your device or a universal one. You might benefit from purchasing a universal stylus pen. With a universal stylus pen, most smartphone touchscreens are compatible.

It's more enticing when you can use it for more than just typing - you can draw, play games, and work with it.

When using a stylus pen on a smartphone, you may need to adjust how you hold it. If you want to learn how to use a stylus pen with long nails on a smartphone, check out some YouTube videos.

Typing on smartphone with thumb's

Make Use of Your Thumb's Side

Always using your index finger to type or carrying a stylus pen is difficult. You can type on your phone by using the side of your thumb with long nails despite the challenges at first. Long nails usually have a curved shape. Consequently, your thumb might have a hard time touching the screen directly.

You should use the inner side of your thumbs when you grip the phone with both hands. In this method, you type with the right side of your right thumb and the left side of your left thumb.

How to Type With Long Nails Reddit Advice?

Long nails make it hard to type, as anyone who's tried can attest. You have trouble hitting the right keys because the nails get in the way.

You may have difficulty typing smoothly if the nails get stuck on the keys. The nails may also obscure your keyboard view if they are overly long. The good news is you can type with long nails with a few tricks.

You can start by lightly shortening the nails with a nail file. Consequently, they are less likely to become stuck on the keys. Secondly, consider using a keyboard cover to keep your nails from obstructing the keys.

Consider switching to a wireless keyboard, so you don't have to worry about your nails tangling up with the cables. With these suggestions, you can still enjoy typing with your long nails.


What's the Best Nail Shape for Typing on a Computer?

In terms of nails, there isn't a one size fits all solution. You should use the optimal long nail shape for accurate typing based on your hands' shape and size, keyboard, and personal taste. Small hands may find round or oval nails easier to type than square or rectangular nails.

It may be more comfortable to type with stiletto nails on a conventional QWERTY keyboard than with coffin nails. It's best to experiment to find the perfect shape of a long nail for comfortable typing to get accurate typing.

Which Nail Length is Best for Typing?

Whether you have a short or long nail bed, you'll need a shorter or longer nail length. Nail beds are soft tissue beds under your nails. Trimming your nails down can make them look quite short if you have short nail beds.

It doesn't matter how much you cut your nails; when you have long nail beds, the nails will still appear long. Typing is most effective with nails that are five millimeters from the fingertip.

Ladies who spend a lot of time typing on their keyboards need nails that are between 5mm long.

If you type occasionally or have experience typing with long nails, 8-12 mm long nails should be comfortable for you to type on.

Are Long Nails Slowing you Down When You Type?

Typing with long nails without using the QWERTY keyboard's hand positioning chart will decrease your speed. It'll be hard to increase the speed with this strategy. Using finger pads instead of nails will help you get used to them and not slow down. It is important to remember, however, that practice is essential.

The Takeaway

That's it for today's round-up about how to type with long nails. Although typing is a necessary skill in today's world, you should try nail styles that reflect your personal style and make you smile. Fortunately, you can modify your typing strategy, so they do not break or damage while still getting the words down.

You can learn how to type with long nails in several different ways. Keep your posture appropriate at all times, use the pads of your fingers instead of the tips, and focus on getting an accurate result over a quick one. Following our above-mentioned simple instructions while typing can help you keep your nails healthy and happy.

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