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Freestyle Typing Test: Explore The Art of Touch Typing

Over time, the world is moving forward in technology with several improvements; everything depends upon the tips of your fingers, whether it's about sending an e-mail to a client, solving a quiz, chatting with your friends/colleagues, or researching, all involving typing.

To keep yourself up to date, the ability to type quickly and accurately becomes your primary need. Efficient typing speed not only saves your time but also enhances creativity.

A freestyle typing test is one of the best ways to improve your typing skills.

What Is The Freestyle Typing Test

A freestyle typing test is an assessment in which individuals can put their thoughts using their typing skills at a particular time.

In a traditional typing test, you are restricted to a single passage, while in a freestyle typing test, there are no rules to follow. You can type anything, such as your favorite book, random paragraphs, or thoughts.

So, the freestyle typing test saves you time, increases your typing speed, and allows you to find creativity within yourself.

The Benefits Of Freestyle Typing Test:

Here are the benefits of the freestyle typing test.

Improve Typing Speed: 

The most apparent benefit of the freestyle typing test is that it helps increase your typing speed. Regular practice enhances your typing speed by focusing on your mistakes.

Save Your Time: 

Another significant benefit of the freestyle typing test is that you can save time. In the beginning, you take a lot of time while typing.

Regular practice increases your speed, and you can type maximum paragraphs in a short time.

Flexibility And Convenience: 

The key benefit of the freestyle typing test is flexibility and convenience. You can use it on any device at any time.

You can practice your typing skills without any restrictions. The only thing you require is a strong internet connection.


The freestyle typing test is vital in finding creativity inside you by allowing you to type your thoughts and words.

Track Your Progress: 

The best thing about the freestyle typing test is that it allows you to check your progress and improve your mistakes.

After completing your typing assignment, you can check the progress report that mentions your typing speed, accuracy, and other metrics.

Steps to take the Freestyle Typing Test:

You can take your freestyle typing test by using the following steps.

1- Select Your Text: 

Firstly, you must decide what text to use in your freestyle typing test. It can be your favorite book paragraph or any random passage.

Make sure that your passage is long enough to fulfill the time limit. 

2- Putting a timer on: 

After choosing your passage, set a timer for the minutes you want to type. Typing Mentor is providing 1 Minute, 3 Minutes, 5 Minute, and 10 Minutes typing test for you. Just switch to whatever time you need. Some freestyle typing tests offer this timeframe option. So it is your choice if you wish to avail this opportunity or prefer to type at your own pace.

3- Start Typing: 

Start typing the text by focusing on your accuracy speed and avoid mistakes. Don't look at the keyboard; your focus should be on the screen.

4- Review Your Progress: 

After completing the typing test, check your detailed progress reports showing your typing speed, accuracy, words per minute, and errors.

Reviewing your progress can improve your mistakes and enhance your typing by practicing more.

Tips For Freestyle Typing Test: 

The following tips help in your freestyle typing test.

1- Practice regularly: 

Make typing a daily part of your life. The more you practice, the earlier the result you get. Regular practice enhances your typing speed and accuracy and helps avoid making mistakes.

2- Set a challenge for yourself: 

Try to set a goal for yourself, such as typing the maximum number of words in a particular type. The mistake most people make during typing tests is that they look at the keyboard. Avoid doing this.

3- Take typing a fun activity: 

Typing itself is a fun activity. Don't stress or overburden yourself while doing this. Keep yourself relaxed and enjoy doing this, as it's a golden opportunity to find a hidden creative inside you.


The freestyle typing test is an excellent opportunity to enhance your typing skills and boost your confidence. Your consistency helps you improve your speed, accuracy, and errors.

The best thing about the freestyle typing test is it involves stretching fingers that release strain.

In this modern era, strong typing helps you in both your professional and personal life. So try getting a command over typing skills.

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