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Easy to Type Words: Complete Overview With Practical Lessons

We all type regularly, be it for a text message, a work email, or a query on Google. Typing has become a part of our lives whether we like it or not. Sometimes typing just flows like a hot knife through butter. Do you know why? It is because we are typing words that are easy to type. Simple as that. We do it without even being conscious of it. It feels like words are being typed without any effort. It is just like when we blink. That is because some simple words are naturally easy for humans to type. Typing these words is almost like typing at the speed of thought. You just think about it, and they get typed. Yes, words like these exist.

In this blog post, I'll describe the characteristics of these words. The benefits of using them and some examples of easy-to-type words. By the end, I'll tell you how to identify said words. Let's get going!

Characteristics of Easy-To-Type Words

Easy-to-type words make typing a breeze. Here are their characteristics;

1- Common Letter Combinations

These words have letters that are used together, a lot. Letters like "th" and "er." Words with these letter combinations are easy to type because you don't have to move your fingers a lot(In a QWERTY Keyboard).
Pro Tips: Wanna practice these types of combining words. Click here to start!

2- Less Finger Movement

Imagine typing on a keyboard. Some words make your fingers move a lot; it's like doing the tango but with your fingers. Easy-to-type words don't. These words allow your fingers to be closer to their home keys. This is good because it makes typing faster and smoother. Less movement means you can type more words in less time.

3- Avoiding Typos

Typos are mistakes we make while typing by hitting the wrong key, not on purpose, of course. Some words are trickier, and it is easy to make mistakes with them. Easy-to-type words are less likely to be typed wrong. It is because they don't have many letters close to each other. This allows you to spend more time typing and less time fixing mistakes.

Examples of Easy-to-Type Words

Examples of easy-to-type words are;

-> Short and Common Words: These are the words that are short and commonly used. The letters are not too wide apart, so your fingers don't have to move around much. This makes them easier and faster to type. Examples of these words can be;



-> Words With Frequent Letter Pattern: Words that have two letters used frequently. The same letter can be used twice, or two different letters can be used. This allows you to type faster and more accurately. For example;

Happy (double p is used)

Jumped (words ending with 'ed' are easy because your fingers get used to these patterns)

-> Common Words in Specific Industries: Words that are commonly used in an industry are easy to type. Examples;

"Patient" is a very commonly used word in the medical field. It is easy to type because it is commonly used and follows a common pattern.

"Invoice" is a prevalent word in the world of finance. It is easy to type because it has an "e" at the end. For those who don't know, "e" is commonly used at the end of a word.

What are the easiest words to type?

Below are some of the easiest words to type on a QWERTY keyboard.

1. Junk, 2. Rig, and 3. Fun

Tips for Identifying Easy-to-Type Words

If you still don't know how to identify an easy-to-type word, then the Spiderman meme is for you and me. Here's how you can identify them

  • These words are short
  • The letters in these words are not too wide apart.
  • Less finger movement; you don't have to move your fingers much and can type quickly.
  • These words are not too far separated on the keyboard; hence, they don't cause a lot of typos.
  • These are short words that are very commonly used.
  • These words often have frequent patterns.
  • A lot of the time, these words are common to a specific industry. Like the word "invoice" which is mainly used in finance.


In short, words that make typing a breeze are easy-to-type words. These words are short, commonly used, and don't require you to do a tango with your fingers. These words can vary depending on what you are doing or talking about. Short words, words with double letters, or those with common endings can often be typed quickly.

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