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Create Your Own Typing Test: Best Typing Experience

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Are you struggling with typing skills? Do you want to improve your typing speed and accuracy? But does using an online typing test get you bored? You want to try something exciting and engaging. Look, no further, a custom typing test will resolve your problem; now, you can create your own typing test by using the text of your choice.

No more boring tests with random words. If you want to practice with short sentences, or if you're going to challenge yourself with longer ones, choose the one that suits your goals. You can even use stories or quotes from your own life.

You can create your typing test using a free tool to enhance your speed and accuracy and start typing anything you choose.

What is a Custom Typing Test?

Custom typing tests are online tests in which you can customize your own text. You can type any text without getting bored. It could be your favorite story, a book section, or even a document related to your work.

The custom typing test is a great way to enhance your typing speed and accuracy by having fun.

How to Create a Custom Typing Test?

Creating a custom typing test is simple and easy. By following the various steps, you can create a custom typing test.

1- Select the parameters:

The first and primary step in custom typing text is to decide the parameters for creating your custom typing test. Consider the following parameters in your test.

Decide the length of your text; it includes the number of words or characters you used to type, such as you want to type 100 words in each paragraph or repeat the same sentence several times.

After the length, choose the difficulty level of your test, which includes essential words for beginners and complex sentences for advanced typists. Deciding whether the test should contain punctuation, numbers, or special characters. Doing this can enhance the difficulty level of the test.

2 - Select the Text:

After deciding the parameters, choose the text that meets the parameter requirements. The text includes anything such as a short passage or a long text. Some examples include:

  • Famous Quotes: The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. -Eleanor Roosevelt
  • News Article: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."
  • Your Favorite Story
  • A section of the book

These are some common examples that you can use for your custom typing text.

3- Duration:

The duration means the time you use to type the text. It could be 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes. After this, you can start typing the text.

Benefits of Custom Typing Test:

Using custom typing tests for practice provides you with various benefits. Some of them are:

Personalized Practice:

The best thing about the custom typing test is that you can practice typing any text to enhance speed and accuracy. You can use these custom typing tests to improve specific areas such as speed, accuracy, or keyboard keys.

If you want to improve the accuracy, you can choose the text with more complex words, punctuation, or other challenging words. With regular practice of those words or phrases, you can improve your muscle memory and also become proficient in those words.

If you want to increase your speed, use text that contains simple words or common words. By practicing these, you can improve your speed.

You can also create a custom typing test for those keyboard keys in which you make many errors while typing.

Fun And Engaging:

Most people want to improve their typing skills but find it boring to type those random words; a custom typing test is the best option. Now, they can enhance their typing skill in an exciting way.

Free and Easily Accessible:

If you think you have to spend money on these typing tests, No need to worry about this; you can access these tests without paying even a penny.

To access these tests, visit any typing website and move to the custom typing test portion, then paste your text into the text box and select all parameters, such as language and time to start the test.

After finishing the test, you can track your progress.


A custom typing test is a powerful tool to enhance typing skills. You can improve your typing speed and accuracy in a fun and engaging way. Typing lessons can be made more engaging through games and quizzes.

Whether you're a student, a professional, or just looking to improve your typing speed and accuracy, the custom typing test is a great choice. Try it out and see how fast and accurately you can type anything you want.

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