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Business Typing Test: Practice and Type Business Terminologies Faster

Typing is the need of the hour. It has become necessary to get employed. Typing tests have become a major part of the recruitment process. Let's say you have qualified for the screening round for an amazing job, and now you are asked for a typing test to qualify. For this purpose, companies and hiring agencies use business typing tests. It measures the speed and accuracy of a person's typing. Most of these tests are used for administrative, online, data entry, and transcription jobs. If you are also in the queue for a typing test, be it for a job or simply to enhance your skills, don't worry. We are here to give you complete guidance on the business typing test and how you can master it! So, let's dig in!

Business Typing Test

The typing test measures the accuracy and speed of a person. In the test, you are given a small passage or paragraph, and you have to type it in the given time frame. This test checks three factors, i.e., the number of words per minute (WPM), accuracy, and the errors you have made while typing. Mostly, the best score is considered 65 to 70 WPM. You can check your typing score in the field at the top of this page.

Types of Business Typing Tests

Many organizations nowadays take the typing test as part of their recruitment process. However, your employer doesn't have to mention the type of test they are conducting in the job description, so it is crucial to be familiar with all the main categories. It will help you take the test with more confidence and also improve your chances of success. Here are the basic types of the business typing test:

Data Entry Typing Test

This test is conducted mostly by data entry workers. The data entry typing test consists of filling in the data in the given fields with accuracy. It includes letters, symbols, addresses, telephone numbers, company names, and banking details. The test is segmented into various windows, and the maximum time to fill each is 2 or 3 minutes.

Normal Text Passage Typing Test

This test is simple and comparatively easy to perform. In this assessment, a paragraph is given, and you have to type it in the time mentioned. In some cases, you have to ask someone to write a short note or paragraph, and they measure the words you type per minute, accuracy, and also the errors you make while typing.

Transcript Typing Test

The test checks your ability to convert spoken words into written form. It is mostly conducted for call centers, customer service jobs, and jobs that involve more telephone conversations. In this test, you are given a recorded tape, and you have to write the words spoken on it. It may be numbers, addresses, names, or even a long sentence. The duration of the test varies depending on the type of job.

Tips to Pass the Business Typing Test

Once you are familiar with the above types of business typing tests, you are ready to succeed in them. However, here are some tips to ace it:

  1. Get familiar with touch typing on the keyboard. When you know where your desired button is, you have almost done half of the work.
  2. Practice on different types of keyboards, so when solving the test, if the keyboard is different, it doesn't shake your confidence.
  3. Many websites offer free typing tests that aim to improve typing skills. Perform them regularly, and you will be a quick typist in no time.
  4. Make the habit of typing with accuracy and also challenge yourself in the tough areas.
  5. Practice regularly. With consistency and practice, you can become a fast typist with more accuracy and a lower error rate.

Though there are no hard-and-fast rules, practicing and enjoying the process will make your test easy and fun. So practice well, and be ready to get hired.

On a Final Note!

A business typing test is not rocket science but a simple assessment analyzing your typing speed and accuracy. A little knowledge and consistent practice will help you succeed in this stage of recruiting. Many online resources are helpful in the process. You simply have to browse them; luckily, they are free to use. So get your desired test format and your comfortable periods, and be on the way to becoming a fast typist. Good Luck!

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