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Basic Typing Test: An Overview

Typing an email or report quickly and efficiently without making mistakes or taking too long is a dream come true. A basic typing test helps you reach your goal by determining your speed and accuracy simply and efficiently.
A basic typing test aims to identify your errors and monitor your progress over time, resulting in faster and more accurate typing. A basic typing test is an excellent way to measure accuracy and speed.

What is a Basic Typing Test?

A basic typing test is an assessment to measure how fast you can type. It is typically used to ensure that the candidate is capable of performing the job and has the necessary skills and abilities.

These tests are usually used to improve typing speed and accuracy and by employers to measure their typist typing skills. The average typing speed for a person is 45-60 words per minute, while a professional can type 100 words per minute.

It usually involves typing a specified passage of text within a specific time limit. Words per minute (WPM) and accuracy percentage are generally measured in test results.

Purpose of Basic Typing Test:

A basic typing test is considered valuable for the following reasons:

  • To measure typing speed and accuracy
  • To improve Typing skills
  • To enhance Productivity
  • To reduce the risk of strain injuries
  • To assess the typing proficiency for hiring

Critical Factors Of Basic Typing Test:

Various factors must be considered regarding basic typing tests to ensure efficient typing skills.

Let's take a look at these factors.


Speed is an essential factor in typing tests. It is the number of words you type per minute. You must type at least 45-60 words per minute to qualify for any typing test.

2- Accuracy:

Accuracy is the number of words you type correctly. You need to maintain a balance between speed and accuracy.

3- Techniques:

Different typing techniques help you increase your typing speed and enhance accuracy, such as correctly placing your fingers on the keyboard and maintaining good posture.

The more comfortable you are sitting while typing, the more quickly you can type.

4- Focus

Typing tests require concentration and focus to maintain speed and accuracy.

5- Time Management:

Managing time is crucial when taking typing tests to finish on time while maintaining accuracy.

6- Adaptability:

Try typing in a different language or following some extra typing rules to help you handle new challenges without affecting your speed and accuracy.

7- Practice:

Practice is considered the most essential factor. You can be a proficient typist by regular practice. Practice more typing drills and exercises as you can; they enhance your typing skills quickly. Be consistent with your practice!

How Can You Take The Basic Typing Test?

There are several ways to access the typing test.

Online Typing Test Websites:

Many websites offer free typing tests to practice typing and improve your typing speed and accuracy. You can access these websites at any time using your mobile or PC.

Some popular websites include:

  • TypingMentor.com
  • Keybr.com
  • Typing.com.

Typing Software:

Various software are available to practice typing on your computer. These software offer many features, such as tracking progress and setting goals or difficulty levels. Download the software from the website.

Some of the most valuable software includes.

  • Typing Mentor
  • Rapid Typing
  • Key blaze

Mobile Apps:

The mobile typing app is perfect for students, professionals, and anyone looking to improve their typing skills. You can enhance your speed and accuracy with regular practice.

Here are various famous apps you can use:

  • Typing Club
  • Swift Key
  • Tap Typing
  • Typing Fingers

Mistakes To Avoid During Basic Typing Test:

During basic typing, the majority of people make common mistakes; if you want to qualify for a typing test, you have to avoid these mistakes.

1- Typing with one or two fingers:

Use touch typing techniques rather than hunt and peck; it improves your speed and prevents strain.

2- Look at the screen:

The primary role of typing is to look at the screen rather than a keyboard. So, avoid doing this because it slows down your speed and leads to errors.

3- Over speed:

If you rush for the pace, it leads to errors, which affects your overall performance. Type at your average speed. Please don't ignore the punctuation mark and capitalization; ignoring them is also an error.


A basic typing test is a valuable tool, whether for a hiring purpose or personal experience. You can improve your typing speed and accuracy with practice and proper technique.

By utilizing the online typing resources, you can track your progress and work on your areas of improvement. In short, efficient typing is in demand.

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