About TypingMentor

TypingMentor is the fastest way to learn touch typing online. It is web-based application particularly designed to provide a flexible and easy practice ground to the users to bring about their highest efficacy in typing.

How does it work

Go to lessons page and choose the lesson you like. TypingMentor will generate lessons for you and will help you boost your speed quickly.

It works in many ways. TypingMentor provides you with the most common words, most common patterns, various fingers, and character drills. This is far more effective practice than kiddy games. Thus, in the quickest possible time, you will recover from all your weaknesses. That’s how you become a pro in a real quick time.

Do I need an account?

Yes, you do. You will require an account so that we can track all of your performance stats. The account creation process is very simple and requires only your email address and password or any of your Google, Facebook, or Twitter accounts. Go to the Sign up page.

About our team

We are Intellixio, a team formed of happy developers and designers. Our focus is to develop and design and implement a wide range of creative platforms to make life easy and beautiful!!


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